What to Expect Following Aaron Rodgers’ Darkness Retreat

It seems to be an annual tradition at this point for the Packers off-season to be littered with Aaron Rodgers drama, both on the field and off. In today’s episode of “What is Aaron Rodgers doing to his body today?” We have a special one! In the past we’ve seen ayahuasca retreats and Rodgers’ special toe-nlyfans display to reporters when asked about COVID-19, Rodgers is no stranger to off-season strangeness. Recently in Rodgers’ weekly interview with Pat McAfee, the concept of a “darkness retreat” was discussed at length. Rodgers explained how this week he will be in complete darkness for four straight days in order to reflect on his football future, soon ultimately deciding if he is done with the Packers, done with football, or done with off-season drama (probably not the third one).

While it has been discussed at length on what Aaron Rodgers and the Packers should do for the benefits of either party, it is worth discussing what the Packers should expect to happen given the current situation they find themselves in. Through a combination of off-season speculation and Vegas betting odds, today we’ll discuss what to expect as a Packers fan when thinking about the future of Packers legend and future hall of famer Aaron Rodgers.

Zero Dark Thirty-nine year old
39-year-old Aaron Rodgers is expected to begin his darkness retreat this week. Over the course of that four day period, Rodgers will decide whether or not he wants to continue to play football and whether or not he wants to continue to play for the Packers at that. This decision will have a profound impact on not only the Packers, but also the rest of the NFL. A few points are worth mentioning that might illuminate Rodgers’ potential decision. The first and perhaps most important point can be found in analyzing the roster construction of the Green Bay Packers.

Packers year in review
The Packers finished the season in a somewhat ugly fashion with a loss to the Detroit Lions to narrowly miss the playoffs. The year had plenty of hills and valleys but the team culture was different than years past. It appeared that Rodgers’ patience had grown thin with the team. With the departure of star receiver Davante Adams, the Packers had plenty of youth on the offensive side of the football much to the chagrin of Rodgers, who in the past stated he prefers to work with veterans. With the expected departure of many key veterans such as Randall Cobb and Mercedes Lewis, Rodgers has little reason to stay with the Packers.

Rodgers has repeatedly made it known that he does not anticipate going through another rebuild and the Packers current roster state does not look to compete in 2023 barring a historically good 2023 draft. While the year had its fair share of successful moments, the vibe felt different this time. Considering Rodgers’ attitude toward the end of the Lions game with Rodgers stating he “wants to hold onto his jersey” when denying a jersey swap with a Lions player, all signs point towards Rodgers leaving the Packers this season. The Packers have also made it clear that if Rodgers requests a trade, they will honor his request and will trade the quarterback to a desired team.

Packers Vegas odds to retain Rodgers: +330

Raider Nation Calling
With a recent falling out with quarterback Derek Carr, the Raiders are now in need of a quarterback. While it is possible for the Raiders to take a stab at quarterback in the draft, the current roster construction and cap situation make it where the team is setting its sights on something higher (playoff success high not ayahuasca high).

The Raiders are desperate to compete. This has been painfully obvious for a number of years. With the recent acquisitions of star receiver Davante Adams and the free agency signing of aging edge rusher Chandler Jones, the Raiders have put themselves in a position to land the hall of fame quarterback. The Vegas team, armed with a brand new stadium, expects to go big or go home. Receiver Davante Adams has already alluded to a potential Rodgers reunion, when asked about living next to each other, “Which neighborhood is Aaron Rodgers moving to?” asked a Vegas twitter account “Mine.” Adams replied.

This speculation has some serious weight to it given the information buzzing. Adams and Rodgers obviously have had some serious success together and a reunion might be just what both parties are looking for. There is a reason why the Raiders are currently the betting favorite to land Aaron Rodgers.

Raiders odds to obtain Rodgers: -300

Concrete Jungle
The New York Jets, similar to the Raiders have made it known they have a desire to compete for a Super Bowl. With the failure of recent draft pick Zach Wilson, the Jets are seeking a veteran quarterback who can help the team compete right away. With the possible availability of Rodgers, the Jets have emerged as potential suitors. The Jets are far from lacking in offensive talent, with star rookie wide receiver Garrett Wilson winning Offensive Rookie of the Year. This when combined with star rookie running back Breece Hall, who is slated to come back from injury next season, allows for the Jets future quarterback to have no shortage of weapons to throw to.

Jets owner Woody Johnson has made it clear he is intrigued by a potential Rodgers trade, potentially offering multiple first round picks to acquire him. With the talent present and the potential to compete, the Jets are possible suitors for the talents of Rodgers.

Jets odds to obtain Rodgers: +650

It’s all up to Rodgers
While teams can make offers, discuss buying houses, or make appeals for the Green Bay quarterback, it is ultimately up to Rodgers to make the decision on his future. Expect the domino to fall shortly after Rodgers returns from his darkness retreat. To close, I present a quote that pertains to Rodgers’ upcoming decision. In the words of Ram Dass “The Shadow is the greatest teacher for how to come to the light” For all things Packers, keep it on NFCNorthReport.com
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