What the Vikings Can do to Cover Up Their Defensive Struggles

The Vikings Won a pretty sloppy game against the Lions. In the NFL a win is hard to come by so don’t take it for granted. However there are glaring holes in the Vikings roster and specifically on defense. I believe there are some ways to cover up the Vikings defensive struggles and there are some things that they cannot cover up. I will be outlining those things today.

The Only Key to Victory:
The Vikings knew coming into this year that the defense could be shaky and potentially bad. The biggest thing the Vikings need to do better at is score. Simple as that, if the Vikings can score efficiently and consistently then the defense doesn’t have to be relied on so much. The past 2 weeks the Vikings haven’t lived up to this standard. In short stints the defense has performed well but then the offense gets the ball and goes 3 and out. This is unacceptable, it completely takes the wind out of the sails for the defense. They have to come right back onto the field and try to get another stop again. They need to be better on offense to help cover up the defense. Like it or not, for the Vikings to be successful they are going to have to win shootouts.

What is Going Wrong on Defense:
Depth is a key part to any side of the ball and it is something that the Vikings don’t have. The lack of pressure is horrible. With only two real players that can rush the QB effectively they are in some trouble. With 4 people rushing they are outnumbered and outmatched. Hunter is not used to standing up, he has played his whole career with his hand in the dirt so it is a learning curve for him. Other players need to step up. Like Wonnum and Jones. I’d like to note that the player they traded for Ross Blacklock barely gets on the field. With an underwhelming secondary and no depth the Vikings need the pass rush to get through. Cine seems like a non existent player, With Harrison Smith out many believed Cine would get his chance. However Josh Mettelus played pretty much the whole game, and played very well. This highlights exactly where Cine is on the depth chart. Last.

What Does This Mean?
Every team has its weaknesses that they need to cover up. The Vikings have a huge one with their defense. If they want any chance of winning high leverage games they have to find ways to make game changing plays. Plays like fumbles, interceptions and sacks can change the whole course of the game. Big plays lead to more opportunities on offense. The Vikings need to find a way to do this. The offense also plays a big role in this. Having long and methodical drives that chew clock and give the defense rest is huge. If certain things can fall into place then the Vikings can make some noise.
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