What the Lions should do if CJ Stroud Falls to them in the 2023 Draft

The Detroit Lions are in an interesting situation entering the 2023 offseason. There are some holes to fill on the defense, with the most noteworthy being the cornerback position. They hold picks 6 and 18 in the first round, with two second round selections as well. At the 6th slot, there is an interesting development that may have Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud falling into the Lions’ lap.

How we got here has been the typical offseason movements and changes. The Bears at the number 1 overall pick seem to be inclined to either stick and pick a defensive player, or trade back with a qb hungry team that isn’t too far back, like the Texans or Colts. Either way, the top 5 selections seem to have 2 teams that are at least in position to take a QB, with them being the Texans and Colts. The top selection on most boards seems to be Alabama QB Bryce Young, and it is heavily believed that some teams actually have Kentucky QB Will Levi’s as their top option in the draft, leaving the third QB to be CJ Stroud.

The Lions may take Stroud for themselves, as the last QB to go 6th overall, Justin Herbert, turned out great. The more likely option, however, could be to trade back with a QB hungry team that wants to jump in front of the Las Vegas Raiders, who sit at pick 7. Both Atlanta and Carolina are potential suitors to give up an extra first next year to move up. The Jets seem to believe they’re only a QB away and could give up a haul of picks. Maybe even trade down with Washington, who’d have to likely give up two future first to trade up from the 16 spot. Brad Holmes is always open to doing business, and it’s very possible that he could move the Lions 6th overall pick.

The obvious option for Detroit is to stick and pick a premier defensive talent at the 6th overall spot. The defense is in need of another playmaker, but is there one that could be there for them at 6? Will Anderson and Jalen Carter are surely going to be off the board, and highly touted Edge prospect Tyree Wilson likely will be as well. Edge rusher Myles Murphy could be there, but the tape doesn’t truly jump out at me like it does for Wilson. Cornerbacks Devon Witherspoon and Christian Gonzalez will likely be available, but it’d be hard to justify either at 6 without a remarkable combine.

The Lions will have options going into the draft, and fans should trust Brad Holmes to make the right calls, as he has for the past two years
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