What the Lions should do at Quarterback next season

First the first time in many years the Lions are starting to piece together a winning team, and with a winning team usually comes a steady hand at Quarterback. A leader of the pack that shines through in big moments to win his team the game. In Detroit, Jared Goff is preparing to prove himself as the guy that can lead a team to a championship. There are doubts about his level of play however, and if he doesnt work out this season it might be time to look for other options. Here we are breaking down what Brad Holmes could do next offseason to complete the rebuild and become contenders

Stick with Goff
It might be a long shot, but if Jared Goff proves himself in Campbell’s system and provides a great season, sticking with Goff might be the right choice. In his career, Goff hasn’t provided many great impressions in his time in the league. That isnt to say the former number one overall pick in the 2016 draft can’t turn it around now. Goff may not have the jaw dropping ability that other young quarterbacks have, but he has excelled in a system with the right weapons around him and brought the Rams to a super bowl. The Lions are building a potentially great offensive around him where he could thrive like he did in Los Angeles. This could also improve team spirit and morale if the coaching staff has faith in the teams leader to keep him. While most Lions fans are hoping this doesn’t happen and it might be the wrong decision, its definitely an option that could come true.

The Draft
The most popular and liked option in the quarterback search, drafting a QB could be the greatest thing this orginization has ever done or the worst. The consensus among everyone in the NFL is that there is nothing more valuable than a great quarterback on a rookie contract. For most teams, that is there window to win a super bowl. The Lions are building a roster that is scheduled to be competing for a super bowl in a year or two. Mixing that with a great quarterback on their rookie contract would propel them to favorites. The big issue with the draft is that those quarterback don’t always work out. If that rookie quarterback doesnt live up to the hype and isnt the player that the Lions thought he would be then the rebuild is in danger. At the moment the two leaders in next years draft are Alabama quarterback Bryce Young and Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud. Both good options but the risk might be worth the reward.

Trade/Free Agent
The most unlikely route in the quarterback journey, trading for a player or signing one in free agency would be a good fall back. While the 2023 quarterback free agency class isnt fantastic other than Lamar Jackson, it could offer some different pieces. The main prize is the assets the Lions have to trade. Two first round picks this year that could be sent away with other things in return for a quality starting quarterback. While this does hurt our progress for younger players, having a veteran, plug and play quarterback that can play is invaluable. Look at the LA Rams last year for proof of that. Trading for a proven winner in this league could be the best solution

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