What the Lions Need Most this Offseason

The Detroit Lions had a miraculous turnaround to their season, and despite not making the playoffs, the team has a ton of potential for the future. During this turnaround, the Lions learned to play to their strengths and cover up their weaknesses. These weaknesses were very apparent during their 1-6 start to the year. Many of these issues were on the defensive side of the ball. This offseason, the Lions have the resources to add to their young team and fix the holes. Let’s look at some key positions that the Lions need to address this offseason.

Any Lions fan will tell you that the major positions that need help this offseason are all defensive. Defensive tackle, linebacker, cornerback and safety are all spots that could use some upgrades. With two draft picks in the top 20, along with approximately $18 million in cap space to spend, this Lions’ roster could look drastically different in the fall. Also, moving on from high-priced veterans could add nearly $25 million more in cap space. Cornerback and defensive tackle are the two positions this team should focus on. A lack of depth in the secondary hurt the Lions all season. With the defensive line, the Lions proved that they have scored with multiple rookie pass rushers. Additional help to the defensive line would only allow these players to flourish. Whether these positions are filled with rookies or free agents does not matter, they just need to be upgraded.

One aspect of the roster that I would urge the team to continue to upgrade is the offensive line. The Lions proved to have one the most elite offensive lines in the NFL. However, continuing to have depth players as well as pieces for the future are crucial to have continued success. The Lions should use one of their second or third round picks to take an offensive lineman, preferably a guard. The key to building a well-rounded team is to add additional pieces to both sides of the football. While defense should definitely be the priority, the offense should not be neglected.
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