What The Hell Happened Against Geno Smith and the Seahawks

I don’t know what to say. I’ve tried writing this article 5 or 6 times, and I still can’t put in to words all the negative emotions I feel about whatever the hell I dedicated 3+ hours of my time to on Sunday. The Lions have lost yet another game that they should have won, and a serious discussion needs to be had about Dan Campbell.

I’ve said this for a while now, I don’t think he’s a very good coach. I don’t care about his press conferences. I don’t care about the “culture” he’s building. I care about WINNING. I just want to see a winning product on the field, none of this other nonsense. And until they start to win, he is not getting any praise from me. Why should he? A season and a quarter in and he’s won just 4 times, has yet to win a road game, has made ZERO in game adjustments, and has lost this team several games because he had no clue what the hell he’s doing.

Allowing 41 points (not including the Goff pick-6) to the 2022 Seattle Seahawks is all you need to know about Dan Campbell’s quality of coaching. That is absolutely pathetic. To Geno Smith might I add. If Russell Wilson was still there, maybe I can try to justify it, but Geno?????? Are you serious? Geno Smith is so terrible that his own teammate punched him in the face so they wouldn’t have to start him. He was looking like 2007 Tom brady out there. He had all the time to go through his reads, he was making plays happen, and the Lions had no answer. That’s on DC.

It was crystal clear from the first possession of the game that the Lions must not have a film room at their facility. The Seahawks were running an offense that would’ve made the 2013 Denver Broncos look like amatuers. The Lions looked completely shellshocked, and things didn’t get any better throughout the rest of the game. They did not force a punt, and the only turnover they forced was on special teams. I’d be surprised to find out that the Lions even held practices last week, because that defense looked like they haven’t been on a field in months.

Where the Dan Campbell blame is being placed is on his inability to make in game adjustments. He knew the Seahawks were a pretty run heavy team, yet he had no clue how to stop the run throughout the game. He seemed confused at the fact that they were trying to run the clock out towards the end of the game. That is his biggest issue. He can’t adjust to adversity throughout games. That’s a bad problem to have too. The good coaches adjust and win games because of that, and the bad coaches don’t. Simple as that. Anyway, this season isn’t it. I know we’re only 4 games in, but I’ve about had enough. Things aren’t going to get any better since our coach has no brain, so if we want to expect this team to win, we have to hope other teams end up making dumber decisions than the ones we make.

Stud of the game: Jamaal Williams

Dud of the game:
The entire defensive unit

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