Trading for Tee Higgins, NFL Draft, and Much More

The NFL Draft and free agency are quickly approaching. Many fans are left with questions due to the Bears having the top selection and $90 million in cap space. On my Instagram account, @bearscapitol, I shared a Q&A. Here are some of the questions, naturally with my responses.

How realistic is the Bears getting Tee Higgins? – Ethan V.
I heard that the Bengals might swap Tee Higgins for someone else. It’s not a confirmed story, but a rumor supported by some reasoning, due to the Bengals not being able to afford Joe Burrow and their top two receivers. I would say it’s very realistic if we can give them a good deal.

Yes or no to Tee Higgins? – Charlie P.
Because Justin Fields lacks a top veteran receiver to throw to, like Stefon Diggs did for Josh Allen and A.J. Brown did for Super Bowl quarterback Jalen Hurts, he hasn’t been successful. Higgins would be to Fields what A.J. Brown was to Jalen Hurts. Yes, please let me have Tee Higgins.

Who’s a player not named Justin Fields that the Bears could trade? – Luke B.
David Montgomery. The Bears should be able to get multiple picks and then sign Saquan Barkley to fill his spot in free agency.

Who should the Bears trade down with? – Justin F.
Colts. They get the #1 pick and a round 5 in 2024. The Bears get Michael Pittman, the #4 pick, the round 3 #79 pick, the round 4 #106 picks, and a round 1, 3, and 6 in 2024.

Best prospect from the Senior Bowl? – Ryan G.
WR Jaylen Reed from Michigan State. He’s from Naperville and was explosive in college. Watching Senior Bowl tape I thought his route running was a lot more polished. He’s definitely a candidate the Bears should keep their eye on.

Do you think that with all the money the Bears have and the #1 draft pick will they be playoff contenders this year? – Tre T.
I think the possibility of a playoff berth really lies in the hands of Ryan Poles and of course Justin Fields. We have all the money we need to get to the playoffs but there’s always a chance Ryan Poles blows the money on players who do nothing for the Bears. To add, Fields will have to show some serious growth in the passing game if they have a chance at the playoffs this year.

How many free agents can the Bears actually afford? – Dobbs G.
We have plenty of money to build a line to protect Justin Fields, add some defensive talent, and still have money left over to sign a top tier Wide Receiver
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