Top Five Packer Games This Season

It was a roller coaster of a season for the Green Bay Packers in 2022. They started off hot going three and one in their first four games, but then they went to London. They lost to the New York Giants and went on a downward spiral after that. They would lose their next four games and were favored in three of those games. At the end of the season, they won four straight games and made it come down to week 18. If they won, they would be in the playoffs, but that didn’t happen as they lost to the red hot Detroit Lions. It was a tough season for sure, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some great games played by this team.

5. Packers Defeat Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14 to 12 In Week Three
Going into this game, the Packers had gotten embarrassed by the Minnesota Vikings and then dominated the Chicago Bears. Before this game, not many people were giving the Packers much of a chance besides Green Bay fans. At this point, everyone thought that Tampa Bay was the best team in the NFC. The Packers got off to a hot start going up 14 to 3 at halftime. They did nothing in the second half but were able to pull it off after stopping the Buccaneers offense on their two point conversion. The offense didn’t look good, but it gave all Packer fans hope, especially after the way the defense had just played.

4. Packers Defeat Chicago Bears 28 to 19 In Week 13
There wasn’t much hope for Green Bay going into this game. They had just lost to the Philadelphia Eagles and many fans were wanting Jordan Love to come in and play. The Packers were still wanting to win so they kept Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. They got off to another slow start and were down 19 to 10 going into the fourth quarter. Once the fourth quarter started, it was all Green Bay. They scored 18 unanswered points and just looked dominant. It kept the Packers playoff hopes alive and they beat their rival to become the all time leading franchise in wins. This was something that many thought would never be broken.

3. Packers Defeat Miami Dolphins 26 to 20 In Week 16
The Packers traveled to Miami to take on the Dolphins on Christmas Day. If they lost this game, the season would be over for Green Bay. In the first half, neither team wanted to play defense. Both teams were going up and down the field with ease and it looked like it was going to be a very high scoring game. The Dolphins led 20 to 13 at half, but the Packers defense was finally able to figure it out in the second half. They didn’t allow any points and they picked off Tua Tagovailoa three times. It was a great Christmas gift to all Packer fans as Green Bay’s playoff hopes were getting closer and closer.

2. Packers Defeat Minnesota Vikings 41 to 17 In Week 17
The score makes it look a lot closer than it was. The Packers flat out dominated this game from the very beginning and didn’t let up until they put in the backups at the end of the game. The Vikings were fighting for the number two seed and the Packers were fighting to just make the playoffs. The Packers got embarrassed the first time so they decided to return the favor this game. All three phases of the game played outstanding and that is what led to this beat down against their division rival. This led to the Packers having a scenario where all they had to do was win the next week and they were in the playoffs.

1. Packers Defeat Dallas Cowboys 31 to 28 In Week 10
This was an incredible game that the Packers were able to somehow win and that is why it is number one on this list. Many people once again weren’t giving the Packers a chance. They had just lost four in a row and it was looking like it was going to be their fifth. It was a back and forth first half which ended in a tie at half, but it really felt like Green Bay should be up. They had several things not go their way including an Amari Rodgers fumble. It was nothing new to Packer fans, but it really killed the momentum they had going for them. The Cowboys dominated the third quarter as they took a 28 to 14 lead. Green Bay then responded in the fourth and scored fourteen unanswered points to tie the game and force overtime. Dallas got the ball first, but turned it over on downs and Green Bay took over. They got it into field goal range and Mason Crosby hit the game winner like he has so many times before. It was an emotional game and really gave some life to this team. It was also a coming out game for Christian Watson. He only had four catches, but three of them were touchdowns. He made some great catches and really gave a spark to this offense which led to him playing well for the rest of the season.

Even though this isn’t how we wanted the season to go, it did have its moments. It is hard not seeing them in the playoffs this season, but even though they had a down year, you always expect them to be back once again. It’s the Green Bay Packers! How can you not think that?
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