Top Draft Prospects Rave about Justin Fields

It’s no secret to us Chicago Bears fans that our starting quarterback, Justin Fields, is an absolute stud. However, it makes us feel even prouder to hear some of the top talents in this year’s NFL Draft speak highly of Fields as well. Who knows, some of these guys could even be lining up with Fields for the Bears next season as teammates. Let’s dive right in.

Starting with the biggest name, Ohio State star quarterback CJ Stroud spoke highly of his mentor and former teammate Fields, “There’s so many times you get knocked back down, but I feel like a true man’s character is when you get knocked down, how do you get up? And he’s got up every time and he stepped to the plate and he hasn’t blamed anybody.” Stroud also added, “He ain’t no damn running back. He’s a quarterback, he can sling that rock.” A strong bond between the two, Fields’ Ohio State protégé was able to see firsthand how Fields has grown from college to his breakout season last year. Stroud also mentioned that Fields had texted him the day prior, still keeping in touch with each other. It was nice to see Stroud stand up for his old teammate. Stroud is projected to be one of the top quarterbacks off the board in the upcoming draft.

On the topic of former Buckeye teammates, top wide receiver prospect and Fields’ old teammate Jaxon Smith-Njigba also spoke on potential teaming up with Fields at the NFL Combine, “Since he’s been in Chicago, we’ve always talked about it… I feel like we definitely had a little connection back in the day but hopefully we can do it again”. Again, just like Stroud, Smith-Njigba also defended Fields from critics calling him a running back, “I wouldn’t think they’re very smart. I would think they should do more research, more film watching, something different.” A near-consensus first round pick, Smith-Njigba has been connected with Bears rumors in the past. With the Bears potentially trading down picks, Smith-Njigba has shown extreme talent at Ohio State, a top receiver for both Fields and Stroud.

While the previous two players were on the same college team as Fields and were more able to speak about his talent, the next two are potential future teammates that both commended Fields at their Combine press conference. The first is a wide receiver from Texas Christian University, Quentin Johnston. An athletic freak, Johnston stands 6’4” with extreme jumping abilities and speed. When asked about Chicago and Fields, Johnston described, “Very, very versatile for sure, very athletic. Good on the run and in the air… for sure I see myself fitting in there very well.” Potentially the first wide receiver to be taken in the draft, it was pleasing to hear top talents compliment Fields’ play.

Finally, one of the most fascinating names on here: a wide receiver from Boston College, Zay Flowers. Surely GM Ryan Poles has kept a close eye on Flowers, as Poles graduated from Boston College himself. Despite never being teammates with Fields, Flowers described him perfectly, “Justin, he can make plays with his legs. If people didn’t know, he can throw the ball too, because he’s really a throwing quarterback. But he just had to use his legs last year. I think we can complement each other.” Flowers is well aware of Fields’ talent both as a passer and runner, acknowledging that he excels at passing but was forced to scramble a lot last season. Flowers was also a playmaker himself for Boston College. An undersized speedster, Flowers has gamebreaking speed and agility similar to how Tyreek Hill impacts the game. A very interesting fit, Flowers could open up any offense he ends up on.
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