Tom Brady to the Vikings Might just be what Minnesota Needs

Despite finishing with a 13-4 record, easily winning the division, dominating one-possession games, and setting several records (including the largest comeback in NFL history), our season ended abruptly when we unexpectedly lost to the Giants in the Divisional Round -Ironically by one possession. Just like the media had anticipated all along, our wonder season ended up being a one-and-done.

Although our defense was our biggest weakness this season, our unpredictable offense and occasional tendency to play it safe also made it tough for us to maintain leads.

Kirk Cousins had a great year, passing for 2569 yards with a 65% completion rate and 29 touchdowns, but it still seemed on the short end of the stick (pun intended), demonstrating once more that perhaps it’s time to move on.

This week, rumors about the Vikings as a potential “Dark-Horse” destination for Tom Brady began to circulate.

Brady may be a short-term (and long-term) solution for the Vikings if they can waive the no-trade clause and deal Cousins to a team in need of a quarterback (Colts, Panthers, Texans, etc.). Brady on the field with Kevin O’Connell calling plays would be a winning combination.

By signing Brady for roughly $10–$15 million, improving the offensive line and adding a second wide receiver (shoutout to Thielen’s wife). They can elevate their good offense to championship-caliber quality. If the defensive issues are resolved (they get Flores as a DC and are able to restructure), of course, the Vikings become contenders courtesy of Jetta’s hands and Brady’s clutchness.

With Brady, the Vikings gain a championship-level offense, more championship mindset, and a mentor for young players.

Brady’s arrival would create new market prospects, and opportunities for a prosperous future would follow.

Trading the 49ers for Trey Lance would be the icing on the cake in my opinion. Since the Vikings won’t be in a position to draft a quarterback in the foreseeable future, why not use the draft picks they receive this offseason to acquire a quarterback who can be this franchise’s long-term heir?

Imagine Lance working under Brady for a year or two, learning the necessary skills to succeed in the NFL, mastering O’Connell’s scheme, and then, once the GOAT retires, assuming his position and modernizing this offense. I would take that chance all day long.

I’d love to see the GOAT dressed in the Ol’ purple and gold holding the eighth ring, knowing we haven’t borrowed against our future to pay for it.

Consider it, Kwesi.
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