Three Must-Win Games For The Bears In 2023

The NFL released its schedule for all 32 of its clubs on May 11, and it provided fans with the excitement of the NFL season being that much closer. The Bears released their 17-game slate along with the other teams, and they have some notable matchups this year. But how can the Bears, who haven’t even played a down of football in the 2023 season, be in a must-win situation already? The answer is pretty simple – to define the culture Ryan Poles has been building in Chicago.

Week 1 – Green Bay Packers
What better way to turn around the narrative of the Bears-Packers rivalry than opening your year and tuning in your fans than with a win over the longtime rival Green Bay Packers? It’s now the Justin Fields-Jordan Love era of the NFC North as longtime Packer Aaron Rodgers was recently dealt to the New York Jets. Justin Fields and the Bears have a chance to establish themselves as a true threat in the NFC North. If the Bears win this game, then they’re starting themselves off on the right foot.

Week 8 – Los Angeles Chargers
The battle of Justins takes place in LA in Justin Fields and Justin Herbert. The Bears have the chance to prove they have what it takes to go against one of the NFL’s best-talent quarterbacks. The Bears and the Chargers are similar in a lot of ways, except both teams are trending in opposite ways, it seems. The Bears have spent the offseason supporting Justin Fields with weapons and blockers and beefing up the defense. And while the Chargers still have a solid roster, it doesn’t appear to be that much better than Chicago’s. They have an aging defense, and their is a lot of uncertainty in players like Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler moving forward. Nonetheless, if the Bears can pull off a primetime win against a playoff-caliber team, they can really solidify themselves as a true competitor in the NFL.

Week 10 – Carolina Panthers
This game will be intriguing in a lot of ways, and it ultimately comes back to a game filled of storylines. From how the Bears traded the number one overall pick to Carolina so the Panthers could grab their QB of the future in Bryce Young to the D.J. Moore acquisition, this game will have a lot on display on primetime. Not only is it good to win in primetime, it almost feels like you have to after you traded down with that team to give up the draft’s top pick. Carolina isn’t expected to be a team that does a lot of damage this year, so losing to this team could very well hurt the morale of the players in the locker room. Winning this game proves you can at least win the “easy” games.

It’s hard not to put the Lions or Vikings on this list, because they both deserve to be on it as well. Winning games in your division is the easiest way to win your division. These games, if won, at least half of them, would help the Bears reassert their dominance in the NFC North. Other notable games include the Saints and Bucs, both of which could be in the mix for a playoff spot at the end of the year. These “must-win” games being won would make the Bears’ shot at the playoffs a lot easier than if they don’t win the games.

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