The Vikings Have Exactly What They Need To Have A Magical Season

This Vikings team is different. From a culture change to a belief system, this team has transformed themselves into a 8-1 team. Is it luck? Or something else?. Something is in the air at TCO and it’s contagious and intriguing.

In what most people would consider a weird NFL season, the Vikings have taken advantage of the weak NFC. Sitting atop the NFC North half way through the season, I’d like to take a look at what could only be summed up as a dream.

The Vikings have a combination of savvy veterans and gunning youngsters to go along with elite high end talent, When you have players such as Justin Jefferson, Za’darius Smith, Dalvin Cook, Harrison Smith and Patrick Peterson. Every week they will give you a chance to win. Elite talent will win football games, It’s that simple. Every single week Justin Jefferson will give you a chance to score and move the ball. Big time players make big time game changing plays. The players around them are playing phenomenal, supporting players can lift up these elite players even higher.

A little bit of magic, so far the Vikings have not made it easy on themselves to win these games, every game feels like a death trap and they scrape to stay alive. Somehow they seem to always come out on top.

The Vikings have relied on big time players to make game changing plays, this week it was the impossible Jefferson catch and Petersons interception, last week it was Harrison smith with an interception late in the game. This team has found ways every game to make a splash play that changes the momentum entirely.

Every Win has been pretty much one score wins, you could say that it’s very lucky and some of it might be true but it builds this team up, every week they need a game winning drive and they are calm and collected and know what they are doing. The stage isn’t too bright for them, they aren’t scared to lose, they will put it all out there to win. When a team can come together like that and trust the players around them, then something special can happen.

Down 27-10 against the Bills, back against the wall they didn’t quit they just kept on going, no player will give up hope. They have proved that no lead is too big to come back from. When every player can buy into this team then the possibilities are endless.

The bar has to be set high going forward, this team has proved they can play with the big dawgs and now they need to strive for even greater goals.
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