The Ultimate Hype Man: Jamaal Williams

It’s official, it’s Jamaal Williams’ world and the rest of us are just living in it! By now word has reached the outside world about what Lions fans already knew. Jaamal Williams, everyone’s favorite anime reading and hype producing running back, is that guy! His energy on the sidelines and in the huddle is just unmatched. Williams’ latest speech during hard knocks has gone viral. He gives an emotional appeal to the team to keep up the effort and to not be satisfied with last year’s disastrous record. It was incredibly moving and like Dan Campbells hype speeches it miraculously didn’t seem like a cheesy sports cliche that we see so much. It felt genuine. The voice crack and the misty eyes confirmed what Jamaal was saying. He really does care about this team in a genuine way. Jamaals speech had his teammates, and everyone watching it, ready to run through a brick wall! And that’s just the kind of attitude that the Lions need going into the new season. Such morale boosting ability is part of what makes Jamaal Willams so valuable to this team, but it’s not the only thing. 

Sometimes it feels like Jamaal Williams’ S tier personality overshadows his football ability and he does seem to get lost in an offensive roster that is significantly more talented than last year. The Lions offense has become a topic of great hype for the 2022 NFL season. New additions in the offseason like DJ Chark, the returning talent of TJ Hockenson, D’Andre Swifts continuing development, and Jareed Goff’s excellent performance in training camp have all had Lions fans buzzing with excitement. Couple this with an Offensive Line that looks to be one of the best in the league and you can see what’s got everyone talking. However within all of this Jamaals contribution to the offense and the team, aside from stirring hype speeches, has been slightly overlooked. Williams has been a solid RB2 for the first 5 years of his career and, while it doesn’t look like he will outdo D’Andre Swift this year, he is poised to have a breakout year in 2022. His first 4 years with the Packers saw him average around 500 yards on between 100-150 carries a year. He was solid in the receiving game during that time as well, hauling in around 30 passes a year for an average of around 230 yards. Williams was consistent his first year with the Lions. He had similar stats, rushing for 601 yards and 3 TDs on 153 carries. But Jamaal has spoken about his desire to expand his repertoire and contribute more in the passing game, something that Swift has proven to excel in. If Williams can expand his skills in this area, and given his work ethic there’s no doubt he could, then the Lions could have an awe inspiring one two punch in the backfield. On the back of a Lions offensive line that is expected to be one of the best in the league next year Jamaal could also push his rushing numbers, like his 3.9 yards/attempt in 2021 and his career high of 601 total rushing yards, to even greater heights.

Jaamal is the ultimate Dan Campbell player, he’s got all the intangibles that coaches (and fans) love. He has heart, he’s gritty (just watch him run with the ball), and he doesn’t give up even after the teams have been blown out. He embodies this team’s culture and his value to the team goes beyond what he does on the field. With all that being said it would be unfair of us to overlook his on the field contributions. Jamaal Williams is a player that every good team needs. A player that is a dependable contributor, a team leader, and a morale specialist who brings up the mood of the team huddle just by his presence. Jamaal already does all of this and has already made himself indispensable. With a better offensive line and his own personal improvements Jamaal looks poised to become another breakout star for what could be the hottest Lions offense we’ve seen in years. Who knows, we might even get to see an interview with Super Bowl MVP Jamaal Williams. I know I’d love to see it. 
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