The Trade Deadline Solidified The Death Of The 2022 Packers

Coming into this season, when making my projections, I predicted Rodgers to have 35+ TDs and them to go 14-3. I realize I was a complete moron, and this trade deadline reaffirms that the Packers are giving up on 2022, and even worse, they didn’t have the guts to just pick a lane on it.

I’m not even angry that the Packers didn’t acquire a player. That being said, I figured that they HAD to do something. If it was selling, fine, you’re acquiring future assets from guys like Jones; who shouldn’t be around in ‘23 anyways. If it was buying, a bit unsure if it would save them, but it backs their paying of Rodgers and that they still believe in this team.

But doing nothing? Understandable in a vacuum, as they aren’t good and don’t want to sell off high picks. But with a 39 year old quarterback who you just paid $50M to come back, you do nothing?? Gutekunst decided he wanted to stick with Rodgers instead of picking what looks to be the more logical option in moving on, and at first it was because I thought they were going all-in again, but now I know why.

Job security. It’s as simple as that. Both Gutekunst and LaFleur knew they wouldn’t lose their jobs with Rodgers around like they could’ve in a rebuild. Neither care about winning a Super Bowl. It’s why they didn’t make any risky trades like AJ Brown or Chase Claypool. If those backfire, that could cause problems for your job security. Doing nothing though? Well that just buys you another year of high picks, and this team still has Rodgers, so you’ll make plenty of money. It’s the exact same philosophy as Thompson, and their “win-now” philosophy is complete horse-crap.

In the end, this team is going nowhere. They aren’t beating the Cowboys and Eagles, or the Dolphins who now have Chubb. This is at best an 8 win team. Rodgers has no reason to return in 2023. Him retiring wouldn’t be all that surprising, hell he might even ask for a trade.

To make matters worse, the Vikings AND Bears got pass catchers with Hockenson and Claypool. Packers legitimately might be the 3rd best team in the North, and I don’t even know if they’ll beat the damn Lions. What a joke.
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