The Top 5 Most Important Bears and Why Darnell Mooney Doesn’t Make the List

The Bears are a strange team. They can stay in contention with and almost beat the 7-3 Miami Dolphins but lose to a team like the Commanders, a dumpster fire organization with a bad team and a lack of fans. Yet, despite all the confusing games, 5 players stand out to me as the most important Bears players. I have created this ranking by looking at traits such as production this season, future importance, and, among other traits, the importance a player brings on a future Super Bowl run.

To start off, there are obvious names such as Darnell Mooney, Chase Claypool, and Kyler Gordon for obvious consideration, however I felt that this selection was too simple. Of course these three are really great players in all the traits I listed but I had to think if they trump anyone else on the list. Mooney is the Bears’ best receiver and he has had a great season so far, despite the lack of targets early on. He’s younger and he’ll 100% play a role in any Bears superbowl run. But, I believe that the Bears receiving corps isn’t fully constructed. A team with N’keal Harry as its third receiver needs upgrades and I believe the Bears upgrade at receiver during the draft or free agency. Furthermore, there’s a great chance the pick is an instant starter, especially a first rounder that can make an instant impact like Ja’marr Chase and Jaylen Waddle have. So, I believe that Mooney will be relegated to the second wide receiver role on the team, making the new receiver the star for the Bears. Claypool’s situation is even worse. He’s below Mooney for Eberflus and Fields which makes him have instantly a lesser importance. If Fields isn’t a top 5 player in terms of importance, Claypool isn’t either. Now, I had trouble with not putting Kyler on the list as he is the youngest Bear on the roster and has a great chance to flourish as a former second rounder. Yet, he hasn’t been as dominant as other Bears on the list on defense and has let receivers off easily at times.

5. Cole Kmet
So, now that we got the honorable mentions, let’s start with number 5 on my list. Call me crazy but I believe that Cole Kmet has to be on this list. Kmet just had one of his best Bears games, if not the best, catching five receptions for forty-one yards and hauling in two touchdowns. Kmet represents the future at the position for the Bears as he’s just twenty-three. He has three years of experience and is familiarized with the system and his role as of now. His great blocking shines on the team and, with the pass catching skills he displayed against the Dolphins, he really is a dual threat and the fifth most important Bear.

4. Eddie Jackson
Fourth on my list has to go to veteran safety, Eddie Jackson. The former Alabama standout has been in the NFL for six years and he’s experienced both the lows of being a bad team as well as the highs of the playoffs. He’s developed into an important leader for the organization, illustrated by the Bears making him a permanent captain for the rest of the season. His past self has been revitalized, as his habits of making important pass deflections and picking off great quarterbacks have resurfaced. Jackson the player is great. Jackson the leader will be more important. On a potential Super Bowl run, the Bears will need Jackson’s experience for the team. Additionally and most importantly, the Bears will need Eddie to mentor the three young stars of the Bears secondary. Jackson will be a key piece in ensuring that Johnson, Gordon, and Brisker develop as they should and, along with himself, form a terrifying quartet for quarterbacks to throw into. As he is in his prime, Jackson should perfectly match the Bears’ plan for a quick one year rebuild.

3. Jaquan Brisker
The third on my list is rookie Jaquan Brisker. Brisker has been one of the best pieces on a really bad Bears defense, with his interception against Mac Jones of the New England Patriots standing out. His skills complement Eddie really well, creating a great 1-2 combo between the pair. Additionally, he’s just a rookie meaning he will greatly impact a Bears Super Bowl run. With Eddie Jackson’s mentorship, Brisker will develop into a great safety for the Bears, with all-pro teams a great possibility.

2. Jaylon Johnson
The penultimate player on my list is the only unmentioned player of the Bears quartet of defensive backs left. Jaylon Johnson is the second most important Bear for me. As the NBA has revolutionized to a three-point shooting league, the NFL has done similarly, rewarding pass-first teams. The Chiefs and Bills are great examples of this aerial transition. So, as a response, the cornerback position arguably becomes the most important position on a defense. Players like the Ram’s Jalen Ramsey and Green Bay’s Jaire Alexander have illustrated this, with their skills helping their teams be great, even resulting in a Superbowl for Ramsey’s Rams. Thus, the Bears best cornerback, Jaylon Johnson, becomes so important for a potential Super Bowl run. Johnson has already locked down very many of the league’s top receivers, with Terry Mclaurin being a recent victim. Although he has struggled against other receivers like Tyreek Hill, Johnson is just 23 and he has his whole career ahead of him. He will improve as he further learns the Bears’ new defensive system and as the Bears D-Line improves and actually starts generating pressure.

1. Justin Fields
Last but not least, the most important player for the Bears organization is their quarterback, Justin Fields. The NFL is a one-dimensional league. If a team has a great quarterback, the team will usually win a lot of games and this is not even considering the other pieces on the teams. Tua is a great example, as the Dolphins’ lefty outshot Fields narrowly. In a pass-oriented NFL, a quarterback is the most important piece a team can have. Fields showed why he deserves this number one spot last game, as he torched the Dolphins through the air for three touchdowns. He also ran the ball in for one. In a game where the Bears defense collapsed, Fields carried the team on his back and took the game within range. The former Ohio State product has accuracy issues at times but he also delivers stunning throws at times. With his otherworldly running skills, Fields will dominate NFL defenses. On a Super Bowl squad, Fields automatically becomes the most important player. During the offseason, if the Bears get Fields an offensive line and a true number one receiver, the sky’s the ceiling for the Bears quarterback.
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10 months ago

Justin fields popped off against the dolphins!

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Nah fr vihang U spitting facts

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What a great article !! 🙂

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Agree mooney not making the list

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