The REAL Reason the Packers are Super Bowl Contenders

The Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl contenders. Some may disagree, but Vegas seems to agree, as currently on FanDuel, the Packers have the 5th best odds to win the Super Bowl at 12 to 1. Along with this, the Packers are heavy favorites to win a rather weak division in the NFC North. Winning the NFC North would give the Packers an automatic playoff berth, and once the playoffs begin, anything can happen. Just look at last year’s Cincinnati Bengals, a borderline playoff team that beat all the odds by representing the AFC in Super Bowl LVI.

Now, the Packers are no Bengals, as they are a much better, well-rounded team. Every year the Packers seem to be contending, but as we know, they seem to never come through, many times due to the mediocre play by the defense. As long as Aaron Rodgers is at the helm, the Packers are at least contenders to make the playoffs. However, with the departure of star wide receiver Davante Adams, the offense may not be the side of the football that puts the Packers in contention to win Super Bowl LVII.

The Secondary
There is no doubt that the Packers’ defense is one of the most talented groups in the NFL, it is just a matter of executing. The Packers have crafted an elite secondary consisting of Jaire Alexander, who just got a 4-year $84 million contract making him the highest paid corner in NFL history, breakout corner Rasul Douglas who himself also received an extension, and sophomore year corner Eric Stokes who performed well given the circumstances his rookie year.

The Front Seven
On top of this, for the first time in years the Packers have an all-pro inside linebacker in Devondre Campbell, and they spent a premium first round pick on the speedy linebacker Quay Walker out of Georgia.

Speaking of Georgia players, the Packers also spent a 1st round pick on Devonte Wyatt, the defensive tackle from Georgia. Wyatt will pair up with all-pro Kenny Clark next to him, with Rashan Gary and Preston Smith lining up on the edges. Many criticized the hiring of Joe Barry as defensive coordinator of the Packers, however, the Packers defense seemed to figure something out with Barry at the helm late in the season. The Packers defense played outstanding in the NFC Divisional Round against the San Francisco 49ers, only allowing 6 points in a shocking 13-10 loss. For the first time in years, it seemed as though the defense came through and the offense did not. However, the Packers still would have likely won the game if it weren’t for a blocked punt returned for a touchdown by the San Francisco 49ers. The Packers special teams was historically bad throughout 2021, but this will not be the case in 2022.

Special Teams 
This year, the Packers finally decided enough was enough, and hired Rich Bisaccia as special teams coordinator. Bisaccia has been a well-respected special teams coordinator around the NFL all the way since 2002. Last year, Bisaccia stepped up as interim head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, and led them all the way to a playoff berth. Raiders fans and even players were upset to see Bisaccia go, as many believed he should have become the permanent head coach. Regarding Bisaccia, Packers head coach Matt Lafleur stated, “He has such a proven track record. In my opinion, he should be a head coach in this league.” Lafleur continued to say, “It’s not a secret as to why guys love being around him, love playing for him. I can tell he’s going to demand a lot from our guys.” The players and coaches love and respect Bisaccia, and the expectation is to be nothing less than a top 10 special teams unit.

The Packers are Super Bowl contenders, and for once, it is not because of their offense.
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