The Problem With Kirk Cousins

Anybody who has been watching the Vikings for the past couple years, probably have varying opinions on Kirk Cousins, some overrate him while some don’t give him his credit at all. Cousins seems to have a stigma around him that he doesn’t play well in primetime games, while that is true it’s usually the whole team that disappoints, gathering many fans who don’t really pay attention to the Vikings to have an opinion on Kirk Cousins that differs from his actual play.

Watching the newer wave of QBS in the NFLs which include Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, and many more, this isn’t an NFL where guys like Kirk Cousins can win a Super Bowl Anymore, unless in a perfect situation which is rare. Kirk Cousins does a great job of taking care of the ball, and giving his playmakers the ball, he also offers consistency that is somewhat rare in the NFL. Cousins also can make big plays contrary to the public belief, every time he steps on the field he gives his team a chance to win, it isn’t easy to just find a guy better than Kirk Cousins that won’t cost you. However Here’s the problem with Kirk Cousins.

The main problem with Kirk Cousins is his inability to change the game, he is also very affected by how his team plays. Monday Night was a perfect example of what happens when everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. The Running game wasn’t going well, I know people like to believe Justin Jefferson can do no wrong, but he wasn’t getting open, neither were Thielen and Osborn. You can’t expect Cousins to play well when he has no time to throw the ball, and has to force it to a non-open target. However, an elite game-changing QB makes those plays, or atleast makes some of them, a mobile QB has more upside to make those plays. QBS like Kirk Cousins are a dying breed in the NFL, and it’s only a matter of time before the game-manager type QB is the minority in the NFL.
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