The Minnesota Vikings Are Having Fun Again

Fun. Football is fun. Or is it? It’s not fun anymore? No, not even a little. Wait, now it’s fun? Which is it, is it fun or is it not fun? The legendary words of Coach Boone have been beyond applicable to the Minnesota Vikings over the last few seasons. Big ups, big downs. Lots of this is to blame on the coaching staff of years past. Old school philosophies mixed with new age personalities and styles of football created a sort of dictatorship in the locker room inside US Bank Stadium. It’s no secret that this year’s squad looks rejuvenated.

Football is supposed to be fun. Ask anyone who’s played it; while it’s challenging and demanding, there is no greater feeling than putting your pads and helmet on for a game, and even better, taking them off after a win. Granted, it’s a grown mans’ game; it’s violent, fast paced, exhilarating, and requires sharp mental focus. But to many, that’s what makes it fun. Not many people play football at a high level, and not many people play football at all. There’s a reason players dance after a sack, touchdown, or field goal. Because being good at football is hard. For every touchdown scored or defensive stop made, there were several hours of film and preparation from every member of the roster and staff. Obviously every team has to spend hours at their craft to try and succeed, and yes, I know it’s the NFL, where everyone is a pro. I’m just stating that when you compare this team and staff to the team and staff of years prior, the morale difference is beyond noticeable. Kirk Cousins is dancing shirtless with diamond chains of immeasurable wealth wrapped around his neck, Kevin O’Connell is handing out game balls every post game, the defense is doing team wide celebrations in the endzone after forced turnovers. This is a completely new culture: Celebrate your successes, keep focused on the task at hand.

The Vikings have made good success on their schedule so far, but the toughest stretch is yet to come. Sitting at 7-1, the team has had a lot to celebrate, but there is also a lot to work at. I am beyond confident that Kevin O’Connell and the staff will keep the Vikings on course and focused up as they look to take down more quality opponents. Should the Vikings continue on a tear, look out for more griddy’s in the endzone and chains on ole’ Kirko.
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