The Green Bay Packers Must Take One Game at a Time and See What Happens

There’s no question this season has been disappointing for the Green Bay Packers. Is it pretty much all but over? Yes but no. Mathematically the Packers still have a chance, but they must win their last six games. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers said that if they play up to their potential the last six games, they can win them all. Going in that direction, you must take everything one step at a time.

From days, to games, to weeks, they must take control of what they can. Green Bay cannot worry about everything else. Everything will take care of itself especially this season with no team looking as good as the past week. The race is wide open but if they lose then seasons over. Rodgers most likely goes on injured reserve with a broken thumb and the Packers see what quarterback Jordan Love can do in a week’s work and stacking weeks upon weeks of real gameplay. For now, all the Packers players know what’s ahead.

Cornerback Rasul Douglass said it best: “Lose and you might as well start planning a trip to wherever you’re going in the offseason. That’s the mindset here.”

It’s officially do or die for this Packers team this season. Will the switch finally flip? Or will we continue to see the most inconsistent non urgent Packers team in recent memory?
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