The Green Bay Packers May Have What It Takes to Go on a Run

The Green Bay Packers are coming off probably their best win of the season against the Dallas Cowboys. The win ended up breaking a five-game losing streak. The first kind of streak ever in the Aaron Rodgers era. Rodgers said if they could just get one win, he thought they could get back on track. They got it and Rodgers said they aren’t dead yet.

Currently, the Packers just need to take it a week at a time and control what they can control. It may be a good thing that this week’s game is on Thursday Night Football because now they have to get straight back to work instead of waiting another full week to play their next game. If the Packers beat the Titans, that’s two straight wins and this team is suddenly starting to believe and be right back in the thick of it. Then coming off a mini-bye getting to go to Philadelphia the next Sunday night. If they pull off a win there? Oh boy, watch out. Sitting at 4-6 it may be too late to make a run at this thing but that is what is so great about the game of football. There is always a chance in this sport until you are mathematically eliminated. Now is it likely they go on a run? No, probably not with how this season has gone. Although, there was once a time though when a Packers team was sitting at 4-6 dead in the water with no one giving them a chance. Then poof. Rodgers says he thinks they can run the table they go on to win 8 straight en route to an NFC championship game loss.

This year’s Packers team can do that again. Yes, you read that right. We all got the first glimpses of it on Sunday against the Cowboys. When they are not shooting themselves in the foot, they can beat anyone, anywhere with the run game they have. This team has everyone to go on a run. With the emergence of Christian Watson, if he can even be somewhat of what he was on Sunday, this team can become dangerous. They can run the ball, the defense has been good when they haven’t had to be on the field the whole game, and now their passing game is getting better. If the Packers can sneak into the playoffs, watch out. This team is only going to get healthier with Romeo Doubs and De’vondre Campbell coming back eventually, they are finding their identity, and may have just sparked the run at the perfect time.

Especially this year as no team has really been good or dominant. Sure, some teams have better records than others but if this season has told us anything it is that there are no good teams’ week to week it’s always changing. The Cowboys let a dying team gain some life and hope. That’s a bad formula for a team that is almost down and out with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. This team is going to go on a run and the rest of the league should watch out. The Packers are coming to rewrite their season and prove everyone wrong.
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