The Chicago Bears Looming Trade Deadline

The trade deadline in the NFL never quite lives up to the hype and craziness of other leagues deadlines, but it’s always a little fun and worth speculating what moves can be made. Ryan Poles is hopefully feeling the pressure as he has been heavily criticized even in his short time. The Bears lack of quality offensive lineman and wide receivers has caused the team to underperform and let down the defense. Sitting at 2-4, the Chicago Bears were never thought to be competitors this season, but just a couple plays have flipped the outcomes of multiple games and we can only wonder if they had better players if they could be in a prime position to be a shock this season like the New York Giants or Jets. The deadline could be a chance to not only help Justin Fields and the team progress, but bring in key pieces for the future.

To start, the Bears have multiple pieces worth trying to trade for picks. Poles has already stated he intends to build through the draft so dumping a couple veterans on outdated contracts for mid to late round picks would be a good start. Robert Quinn is the guy who needs to be dealt the most. He was always a polarizing part of this Bears defense from the hope alongside Khalil Mack that he’d make the defense unstoppable to the amount of hate he got for his down year back up to setting a single season record for sacks for Chicago and proving everyone wrong. He’s had a slow start to this year and Poles definitely wishes he would have dealt him before the season when he may have been able to finesse a 3rd round pick in exchange for Quinn. But with how quick NFL teams are to forget the greatness of last season, the Bears would be lucky to flipp Quinn and his contract for a 5th rounder, and a 4th would be an absolute steal. There are teams who could be interested and Ryan Poles better be making those calls soon. I personally am a fan of Robert Quinn and think he’s a great player and an even greater person. I hope he gets traded to a contender and shows he is still the same guy from last year. I just hope with that chance for him, Chicago gets a draft pick to help build the team’s future. The other big trade away candidate is David Montgomery. Running backs in the NFL have proven to have the quickest turnarounds and seem to always fall off after resigning contracts. With Khalil Herbert leading the entire league in yards per carry and Montgomery’s contract set to expire this offseason, this sadly is a trade that must be made. Montgomery is a young and impressive back, but the Bears simply don’t need him and it isn’t worth using their resources on. Teams like the Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, and the Baltimore Ravens are reportedly looking for a running back to help boost their offense and Ryan Poles should try to get a mid round pick for Chicago to use in the next draft.

There are also a few players that Poles should try to get to help the bears now and in the future. DJ Moore is a frustrated wide receiver on a team worse than Chicago with a more unstable future. With the reports that they are shopping their young stars like Moore, already trading Robbie Anderson, Chicago would be dumb not to throw their hat in the ring. If it is a fire sale as advertised the cost for DJ Moore would be well worth it to get a big time weapon to help Justin Fields produce and progress. The Bears have plenty of cap space in the future and a new star wide receiver is the perfect use of that money. But why stop there? Elijah Moore, funny that he also is named Moore, requested a trade from the Jets after moving down the depth chart and being unhappy in New York. He is the perfect trade candidate as he shouldn’t cost much to acquire but has massive potential. Elijah Moore has looked more than promising when given a true chance and would seriously improve the Bears receiving core. These are the moves Ryan Poles has to make for the Chicago Bears to help our future and they are very realistic.
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