The Bears Let Justin Fields be Justin Fields, and it Showed

The Bears beat the New England Patriots 33-14 on Monday Night Football. It’s the first time they’ve won in New England in franchise history. The Bears were 0-4 all-time against the Patriots in Foxborough until Monday night. Not only did the Bears have a great game as a team, but Justin Fields had arguably the best game of his career. He looked calm and confident in the pocket and was accurate outside the pocket. He had a career-high 12 designed runs that went for over 60 yards. Another factor that looked better was Fields ability to read the defense. He found his third or fourth read multiple times throughout the game. It is encouraging to see Fields get through his reads and find an open receiver without forcing anything. It has a lot to do with the offensive line holding up much better than in past games, even with Sam Mustipher having to come into the game at center.

The play calling by Luke Getsy was much better than last week. Getsy has been steadily improving since Week one, and Monday night was his best game so far. It’s no coincidence that Fields also had his best game. Getsy really leaned into Fields strengths, and it showed throughout the game. He got Fields out of the pocket on runs and passes and gave him easy targets all over the field. Justin Fields is an incredible athlete and player, so letting him play to his strengths in the best game plan the Bears can create. The only improvement needed is the offensive line. When Fields has time, he can get through his reads and make the plays that not only win them games but win in the same fashion they did on Monday night.
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