The Bears Have Ruined Yet Another Quarterback

Well, the Bears have proved them right—all the NFL fans, media, analysts, and whoever had a basic knowledge of the NFL. The Bears have proved to EVERYONE that they cannot develop a quarterback to save their lives—case and point: Justin Fields. Justin Fields had so much potential, man. He was, far and away, the most outstanding quarterback prospect the Bears have ever had. And yet, somehow, they found a way to screw it up. Now, you can blame Fields; honestly, some of it should lie on him. But there is no denying that the Bears have done horribly in developing him into a franchise quarterback. The Bears may have done a better job making Fields a worse quarterback than a good one, which is ridiculous.

To open up the season, Bears fans and media were confident Fields would take that next step to cement himself as the franchise quarterback for years. However, Bears fans and media didn’t know that the Bears coaching staff had tried to turn Fields into a glorified pocket passer this season. In the coaches’ eyes, that was supposedly their idea of making Fields the next superstar quarterback. Making the best running quarterback in the league play the role of a pocket passer has got to be the most Bears thing to do. Yes, the NFL has become a pass-heavy league, but last year, the Bears had the best-rushing offense, with a worse roster nonetheless. So, given that information, Luke Getsy decided to completely abandon that style of offense and take away Fields’ greatest strength on the Field.

Coaches are responsible for Fields’ lack of progression, but Fields also has shown that he cannot read an NFL defense. Fields missed wide-open wide receivers this season, especially against Tampa Bay. Fields just isn’t there, and from how he has been developing, he might never make it there. It’s so unfortunate; so many people wanted Fields to be the one to save the Bears franchise from lousy quarterback play, finally. Fields’ case has proved that the reason they have no great quarterbacks lies internally among the front office and coaching staff. It’s only a couple of weeks into the season, and things could miraculously change, but from what has been displayed, it isn’t looking good.

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