The Bears Have Discovered the Perfect Formula for the Rest of the Season

This past Sunday, the Chicago Bears fell to the Miami Dolphins in a closely-contested home game. However, the Bears performed admirably, especially when taking into account the talent discrepancy between the two teams. The offense performed well, and the defense (which arguably lost its two best players at the trade deadline) made plays late in the game. While the loss stings a bit, especially since it was partially caused by some questionable officiating, Sunday’s game encapsulates the perfect formula for the Bears to follow for the rest of the season: Remaining competitive, performing well on offense, and still losing games in order to attain better draft position.

The Bears’ offensive performance against the Dolphins provided a beacon of hope for the rest of this season and beyond. Justin Fields, who broke the single-game quarterback rushing record, looked like a franchise quarterback. The skill position trio of tight end Cole Kmet and wide receivers Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool combined for 14 catches and 3 touchdowns. Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy seemed to have found his rhythm as a play caller, tailoring the offense to his best players’ strengths. Overall, the offense looked the best it has in years, and if the team can continue this trend into the rest of the season, it should be very fun to watch.

Despite this great offensive performance, the Bears did, in fact, lose to the Dolphins. But that’s exactly what this team should be doing. While the Bears looked very good on Sunday, they’re not nearly talented enough to make a playoff push, especially with their current 3-6 record. The front office and coaching staff have plenty of job security, so there’s virtually no reason to win games at this point. Thus, the best thing the Bears can do is lose games in order to acquire higher picks in the 2023 NFL draft. Having a top-10 pick in this year’s draft would allow the Bears to acquire another incredibly talented player. The Bears’ schedule is difficult from here on out, as the only sub-.500 teams they play are the Lions (twice) and Packers. If the team can lose six or seven of their remaining eight games, they’ll be in prime position to draft a potentially franchise-altering player.

Ultimately, Sunday’s loss was the ideal outcome for the Chicago Bears. Looking like a competitive team while still losing games — offering fans a glimpse of hope while still being in position to acquire premium talent this offseason — is the perfect way for the Bears to close out the season.
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