The Bears Are Unwatchable Without Justin Fields

The Chicago Bears 2022 season, in my opinion, was summed up on Sunday in New Jersey. Let’s face it, the parade of ignorant NFL pundits who want to discuss Justin Fields as a running back or who can’t pass in the fourth quarter or who just generally criticize the rookie QB1 were all shown to be wrong on Sunday.

Your 2022 Chicago Bears minus Justin Fields were just thoroughly destroyed by a New York Jets squad with a backup quarterback who had been the team’s third quarterback when the season began. Furthermore, it wasn’t even unexpected. Did any of you anticipate the Bears to perform well? I for one did not. There is no talent.

The Bears are terrible, and the only reason they had an offense that averaged 30 points per game and kept them in these games was Justin Fields. Fields has been the team’s main performer all season, so I’m amazed he hadn’t got injured before the shoulder problem. The defensive line could be replaced with a blocking sled and be just as effective, the offensive line is terrible, the skill positions are subpar, and a rookie linebacker signed as an undrafted free agent has outperformed the majority of the defense.

I find it pretty amusing that these so-called NFL commentators claim that the Bears’ inability to succeed with this strategy is due to their insufficient passing volume. Fine. Let’s pursue that for a little while, shall we? Over the course of his career, Trevor Siemian has averaged just over 200 passing yards per game. Everyone expected Fields to perform in that manner, right? 200 yards of passing? Siemian amassed 179 yards passing with this elite team, which is the Bears’ highest total since week 6! That’s all the offense needed, except that their total was their lowest since… week six as they only managed 292 yards of offense and 10 points. That put everything right.

Sunday’s game against the Jets only served to highlight how much work Ryan Poles still has ahead of him in March and April.

Oh, and it’s fantastic that Darnell Mooney and Eddie Jackson are done for the year. The Bears’ most exciting player, if Justin Fields isn’t on the field, is arguably Jack Sanborn. Excuse me while I bury my head in the sand and act like Aaron Rodgers won’t hammer us.
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