That’s Right, Bears Fans, We Found our Franchise Quarterback

The Bears drop to 3-6 after a 35-32 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Although the Dolphins were the better team, the Bears could stay in the game, thanks to Bears quarterback Justin Fields. Behind Justin Fields’ record-setting performance, the Bears could keep themselves in the game until the final minutes. Fields made a statement in week nine and told the rest of the NFL world that he was the franchise quarterback the Chicago Bears needed.

Despite the loss on Sunday, Bears fans all over were rejoicing as they knew they finally had found their quarterback. Fields ran for 178 yards against the Dolphins, the most ever by a quarterback in the regular season. A large chunk of those yards came from a 61-yard touchdown run, where Fields struck life back into the Bears in the second half. Fields also threw three touchdowns, silencing critics who don’t believe Fields is a capable passer. Fields accounted for four total touchdowns and 301 yards of total offense. Fields was the main reason the Bears have even “competed” in the past couple of games he played.

Fields has swayed the opinions of the NFL media after his dominating performance. Before, the press criticized Fields for not being able to throw the ball, having to rely on his legs, being sacked too much, etc. In his game against the Dolphins, he proved every one of those claims wrong. He also confirmed that he is the best quarterback out of his draft class. None of the other first-round quarterbacks from the 2021 draft class have been playing at the same level Fields has. If Fields continues to play at the same level he has been playing for the last five games, he can be in serious contention for a pro bowl.

With how Fields has been playing the last couple of weeks, it is hard not to believe that the Bears have their guy. Fields has been dominating, even with little to no weapons. Behind Fields and his play, the Bears have put up around 30 points per game for the last three games. If Fields can continue to play like this for the rest of his career, there is no doubt that he will become the best Bears quarterback in their franchise history.
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John Stonis
John Stonis
10 months ago

Great right up Evan! Go Bears!

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