“STFU” Says Kris Boyd to The “Ungrateful” Vikings Fans

“We got some ungrateful fans,” Boyd tweeted. “I don’t be on the internet looking for s*** but we won and some were still complaining….We got a big Dub! We 3-1 stfu….Please find another team if you not satisfied or stfu!!??”

Different fans have reacted differently to the tweet. While some are in agreement, others feel Boyd went too far.

“Can’t nitpick too much of course after a W but it isn’t the fan’s entire fault. The team has hardwired this fanbase to be fearful. Fans gotta chill some, but y’all gotta CHANGE THE NARRATIVE.”

“Tone deaf tweet, man. You won’t find a more dedicated fanbase but don’t tweet like you just got here. You have no idea what these fans have been through. We can be happy for the win and not pleased about the play.”

Some of the responses were in agreement with Boyd, including this one: “Most of us love the W! Yes there are things to fix but we are celebrating with you. There are some people that hate-watch the team or are big mad because they don’t like certain players. Screw them!!”

Boyd concluded the game on Sunday with one tackle and one recovered fumble.

Bashaud Breeland, a cornerback, told supporters to “enjoy the win and shut tf up” last season. After an alleged altercation with teammates and coaches during practice, Breeland was ultimately discharged in the middle of December.

We will have to wait for Kris Boyd’s fate.
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