Should the Bears “Tank” for a Top Pick in Next Year’s Draft?

Behind Quarterback Justin Fields’ elite-level play, the Bears have been able to compete with teams that are much better than the Bears. However, it has not been enough as the Bears are now 3-7 approaching week eleven. The record isn’t necessarily alarming; many analysts and fans alike expected the Bears to be bad this year, as they are currently rebuilding. Next season the Bears will have over 100 million to spend, as well as nine draft picks in the 2023 draft. While there are seven more games to play, it isn’t bad to look ahead into the 2023 off-season, especially the draft. If the Bears continue to lose, they can notch themselves a better first-round draft pick in next year’s draft, which can make all the difference in rebuilding a team.

The Bears are slated at sixth for the draft in 2023. Assuming that the teams before them need a quarterback, the Bears can obtain a franchise piece for either their offense or defense at the current pick. If the Bears continue to lose, they can move up the draft order, opening up many opportunities for GM Ryan Pace. If the Bears remain at their pick now, they can play it safe and stay at their selection to get whoever they want. However, if they end up losing to the point that they’re top three in the draft order, then the best move would be to trade back for more draft capital in the 2023 draft and beyond.

Even with a pick in the top five, the Bears can draft a true franchise cornerstone. If the Bears decide to draft offense, they’ll likely go with a wide receiver, as Justin Fields lacks weapons, and next year’s free agent pool doesn’t have many good wide receivers. This year’s draft class is loaded with wide receiver talent, with names like Jordan Addison, Jalin Hyatt, and Quentin Johnson, who are all projected to go in the first round. If the Bears want to buff up their defense, they also have plenty of options. The Bears will likely draft someone up front. Draft prospects Will Anderson Jr. and Jalen Carter have been blowing up offensive lines in college, and they could quickly turn the Bears’ defense around. If the Bears decide to trade back, they’ll have plenty of talent to choose from, and many more draft picks.

Given the Bears’ record, it is safe to say that they aren’t trying to compete for a playoff spot. It would be wiser to compete for a better draft pick. However, tanking isn’t particularly praised in the NFL today, even if it is for a better future. The way the Bears are playing now, it doesn’t seem like they’re tanking, but if they keep losing with Justin Fields playing the way he is, the Bears’ future looks incredibly bright. With a top draft pick and the most money in the NFL to spend on free agents, the Bears are ready to build a dynasty.
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