Should Lions Trade For Jalen Ramsey?

Jalen Ramsey has been one of the few consistent lockdown cornerbacks in the NFL since his 2016 rookie campaign. Ramsey had an outstanding career with the Florida Seminoles and launched himself to being selected fifth overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2016. Since his rookie season Ramsey has a combined 19 interceptions, eight of which have come in the last two seasons.

Ramsey was traded to the Los Angeles Rams after three seasons in Jacksonville and continued to be the premier lockdown cornerback in the NFL. Ramsey and the Los Angeles Rams won the super bowl in 2022, and everything was looking better than ever for Ramsey. But following the super bowl win the Rams had one of the worst superbowl hangovers. The following season they had a record of 5-12. Since the season has ended Ramsey has shown his demise of staying on the Rams and wants to compete for yet another ring. What this means can be interpreted multiple ways. Following Ramseys track record we’re gonna assume he is gonna request a trade out of Los Angeles and look to play for a new organization in 2023.

If this is to come to tuition should the Lions make an attempt at acquiring Jalen Ramsey? The Lions had one of if not the worst defense in the NFL which makes the defense the top priority to fix this offseason. The secondary and defensive back room struggled throughout the year and whether or not this can be blamed on coaching or players it was just bottom line unacceptable. Making an upgrade at defensive back should be a priority for the Lions and Jalen Ramsey could be the perfect candidate for this.

Ramsey brings something to the table that is a necessity to be a playoff contender, he is fearless and just wants to win. Ramsey since his rookie season has been one of the most feared cornerbacks to play against in the NFL. His lockdown style of competitiveness makes it hard for any quarterback to throw against and he loves to get in opponents heads. Ramsey also ranked as the third best overall cornerback in the entire NFL by PFF and has been ranked top three for almost every year he’s been in the league. He has been nominated to five pro bowls and has five first team NFL honors in just seven seasons.

Jalen Ramsey I would consider to be one of the best contestants to fill the hole in the secondary for the Detroit Lions. Ramsey is heading into the 2023 season under a 17 million base salary and a 25 million cap number contract for this season alone. Ramsey is signed through 2025 and the base salary decreases about a million a year. With the Lions having only 13 million in current cap space the struggle for trading and obtaining Ramsey could be intense. If the Lions have any plans to reach further agreements with players in free agency Ramsey would not be the best fit option. Jalen Ramsey and the Lions could also reach a compromise on a restructured contract that would put the team in better contention for the playoffs.

The high level of competitiveness that Campbell led the Lions to during the season leads me and many analysts to believe that the Lions would be looking for the best chance to win next year. As of right now four teams have been mentioned to be in the highest contention for trading for Jalen Ramsey. The Lions are one of them. In order for this trade to go through the Lions would have to give up a bundle of potential. This could range from multiple early round picks to players that can play at a high level. But when it is all said and done NFL teams are looking day in, and day out for the best chance to win. Ramsey would boost the Lions defense substantially and would give them the confidence in the backfield to lead them to the playoffs. I think the simple answer for trading for Ramsey would be yes, but at the right cost, only because it gives them the best chance to win.
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