Score Prediction: Bears vs. Browns

Chicago Bears fans should really hope that the Bears show up and do well this game – the starters are playing until halftime. Head Coach Matt Eberflus revealed that Quarterback Justin Fields will be leading a squad of starters for around 25 – 30 plays, noting that certain players will be pulled at different times. Alongside this, the All-Pro linebacker Roquan Smith is expected to take to the field for his first preseason game this year.

The Bears have looked solid the entire preseason, boasting a solid run game and defense. A primary concern of fans may be that for the most part, the passing game of the Bears starters hasn’t looked incredible. While Fields has had a decent completion percentage and no turnovers, he’s been sacked multiple times and has yet to get a touchdown. However, the backup crew led by quarterback Trever Siemian has done stellar, reigning in multiple touchdowns and no turnovers.

As far as Cleveland’s side goes, they’ve done well this preseason, but were aided heavily in their victory last week by the turnover prone Jacksonville Jaguars. Otherwise, their pass game has been solid alongside a rather strong run game. Based on the Bears recent showings however, the defense should hold up against Cleveland just fine. Whether Browns starters play or not isn’t too big a concern for the Bears. The main goal would be to keep Fields safe from the fearsome Browns defensive end Myles Garrett.

If the controversial superstar Quarterback Deshaun Watson takes to the field for the Browns, he shouldn’t be too much a worry — his showing in Jacksonville was abysmal. Otherwise the Bears will be up against the Browns backup quarterbacks and Deshaun Watson’s placeholder Jacoby Brissett, individuals who the Bears defense should be sure to handle well.

With this all being said, I have the Bears winning 24 – 10 Chicago Bears, ultimately staying undefeated in preseason affairs.

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