Ryan Poles Aced The 2023 NFL Draft

The Bears had another hectic draft under second-year GM Ryan Poles. Poles did what he does best, turning one pick into more picks. Poles ended the draft with ten new rookies, which is nothing but good for the Bears franchise. Not only is the rookie class one of the largest the Bears have seen in a while, but the class consists of players that can fill the Bears’ various positions of need. The Bears have found some day-one starters in this draft, alongside some depth pieces that the team desperately lacked last season. With some newly added playmakers, a couple of linemen, and some defenders, Poles showed the rest of the league that the Bears are not okay with being mediocre.

Poles made his first move earlier in the offseason, trading away the first overall pick for a couple of future picks and WR D.J. Moore. The Bears moved to nine, where Poles would make another move on draft night. Poles made a controversial decision to trade down one spot, even while Jalen Carter was still available on the board. Many fans and media didn’t know that Poles was never going to take Carter, no matter what position he drafted at. As most Bears fans know, Poles doesn’t take many risks, with Chase Claypool being an exception. So, trading back one spot was the smartest thing he could do. Landing Darnell Wright was a dream pick for Poles, and the fans should be ecstatic with the selection.

Poles made the correct choice selecting Wright, as the most critical player to the Bears is Justin Fields, and if he gets sacked every two plays, this team won’t see much success. Then, Poles perhaps made one of the most underrated picks in the draft in DT Gervon Dexter. Dexter helps the Bears’ pass rush TREMENDOUSLY. The pass rush was dead last in the league in nearly every statistical category last year, so beefing up that position group is huge for this new Bears team.

Poles made more waves in the late round, trading more picks, moving back several times, and landing notable players such as RB Roschon Johnson, WR Tyler Scott, and LB Noah Sewell. Those three picks were late-round GEMS found by Poles. Roschon Johnson has the potential to be the starting RB this season, as when the ball is in his hands, big plays are expected to happen. Tyler Scott will add depth to the WR room, but don’t be fooled; his run-after-the-catch ability is dangerous, and he could see a gadget kind of role in Luke Getsy’s offense. Noah Sewell is far and away my favorite pick of the entire draft. Sewell was projected to be a first-round pick last season. But after a down year, his stock fell to the fifth round, where the Bears grabbed him with the 148th pick. Noah Sewell is gifted with all of the physical traits of a superstar linebacker in the NFL. If Noah Sewell could achieve his full potential, the Bears will undoubtedly have the best LB core in the NFL.

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