Romeo Doubs: Training Camp Star

In recent reports from Packers training camp there’s one rookie rising to the top quicker than anyone expected. In the 2022 NFL draft with the 132nd overall pick the Green Bay Packers selected Nevada Wide Receiver, Romeo Doubs. Being a day three pick most would only see him as a depth player or a special teams specialist, but from the countless amounts of news we have heard since training camp has begun I 100% feel as he will be way more than a roster fill.

What Could this Mean for the Packers?
  With the loss of former Packers receiver Davante Adams, the wide receiver spot for Green Bay has been nothing less but shorthanded. A rising emergence of a wide receiver on the team is a great sign and amazing for a hole on the team that needs to be filled. All the training camp news has shown that Doubs has established himself as a potential star for this Packers offense. Doubs has even caught the attention of Aaron Rodgers who,like the rest of us, is surprised by the talents he has shown during training camp especially for being a first year player. This could possibly mean an early development of chemistry being built by the two. Which every NFL fan knows Aaron has always built an immense amount of chemistry with his receivers throughout his career. Leading into the regular season the chemistry could mean immediate production for the young player, and we all know Aaron Rodgers can make any receiver look like a star. It’s better not to get too excited as we all know there has been no confirmation that he is the first option receiver on the team. But I am 100% confident in Doubs with his blazing speed, amazing ball tracking skills, and great field vision. Doubs will be able to make a big impact in the Packers offense if not now, in the near future. 

Is This Just Training Camp Hype?
  Now I know some are thinking this even with all the media attention that is currently on Doubs. Is it all just training camp hype? There is a very high chance that this is just the media hyping a player up like they do every year. For example, Justin Fields who was super hyped during training camp and the pre-season last year, but did not manage to keep the hype up and ended up having a horrible season. Yes, I know he is in his second season but it was a correlating example. Romeo Doubs could just be another victim of this mass amount of hype, but you cannot take away the immense amounts of promise that he has shown that could roll into the regular season. Another example is as I am writing this a report has been put out that Doubs has been torching everyone at training camp except All-Pro Cornerback Jaire Alexander. What this means for him as of right now, we do not know, but it could be possibly the start of a great career and a great rookie season.

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