Romeo Doubs: The “Quiet Assassin”

Green Bay Packers starting cornerback Eric Stokes described rookie receiver Romeo Doubs as a “quiet assassin” after falling victim to him on the gridiron multiple times this past week.

“He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t say anything,” Stokes said. “He just makes a catch, makes a play, does his little chest bumps with a couple people and keeps it moving. He doesn’t speak.”

Despite being deemed the “quiet assassin”, no player has been talked about more in the first week of training camp than fourth-round pick Romeo Doubs.

Doubs, a 6-foot-2, 200-pound receiver from Nevada, was an uber productive pass catcher for the Wolf Pack. He finished his collegiate career catching 224 passes for 3,322 yards and 26 touchdowns. In both his junior and senior campaigns, he amassed over 1000 yards receiving and averaged 15.6 yards per reception, while scoring 20 total touchdowns in those two years.

Doubs first garnered attention on the second day of training camp when he made a leaping catch over Stokes for a touchdown on a fade route.

“I’ve noticed watching film that the majority of some of the QBs’ throws, receivers get chances based on the DB’s POV (point of view). His (Stokes’) back was turned. From that point, he doesn’t know where the ball’s going to, if it’s going to go over him, under him. His back was turned, Aaron gave me a chance and I was able to make something happen.”

Packers veteran receiver Randall Cobb was impressed with Doubs, noting that his contested catch ability is innate.

“When it’s thrown up and it’s between him and the DB to make a play, that’s one thing you can’t coach. You can’t really teach that. You either have it or you don’t. And he has it. That’s special.”

Since then, Doubs has made a big play practically every day of camp including a toe tap touchdown in tight coverage in the back of the endzone as well as burning Stokes on a go route in a 1-on-1 drill at the end of practice on Tuesday.

Despite the recognition and praise, Doubs isn’t letting it go to his head.

“I understand that celebrating is important,” Doubs said. “I just make sure I try to focus on the next play. That’s my biggest thing for me. You can have a great play, next play could be bad. Emotions change, so that’s why I try to make sure I stay flat-lined.”

Entering his 18th season, quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he was drawn to Doubs humble demeanor and was surprised that he slid to the fourth round. Later adding that it’s uncommon for rookie receivers to pop this early.

“Every single day, there’s been at least one ‘wow’ play from him,” Rodgers said. “That’s kind of rare for a young guy like that. Now, we’ve had some guys over the years do that, but they’re all in the top 10 in Packers receiving history.”

It’s only been one week of camp, but if Doubs performance thus far is any indication of the type of receiver he will become, the “quiet assassin” could become the next great Packers receiver.