Romeo Doubs is Him: What to Expect from the Rookie Wideout

It is official Packers fans, Romeo Doubs has arrived! The rookie wide receiver out of Nevada has been given a chance to shine, and shine he did. In Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Aaron Rodgers was missing who most consider to be his first or second option at wide receiver in Sammy Watkins, who was out with an unfortunate injury. Not only that, but the 2nd round pick Christian Watson was out with injury as well, leaving a very limited wide receiver core for Rodgers to choose from. The stage was set for Romeo Doubs to get an increase in snap count and perhaps a larger target share, which did end up being the case.

The Proof in the Pudding
Romeo Doubs recorded a very impressive statline on the night, with 8 receptions, 73 yards and a touchdown on 8 targets. There is a lot more greatness to unpack from that statline however, which helps to show how much of a contributor to this offense Doubs will be. Firstly, Doubs’ freak athleticism was on showcase for all to see, as a large chunk of the yards Doubs put up were in the screen and checkdown game with great YAC capabilities. We all knew that he was shifty but it was really on display against a very impressive Buccaneers defense. Secondly, the trust between Doubs and Rodgers is apparent in the fact that he was targeted 8 times on the day, and caught all 8. For reference, the last time a wideout not named Davante Adams recorded 8 receptions in a game, was Randall Cobb back in 2018. Yes, that same Randall Cobb that Rodgers begged to get back on the team purely because of the trust and chemistry they have. The question now is, will Doubs career follow a similar path to the slot star Cobb?

Future W’s for Doubs
It is hard and even maybe a little foolish to predict career trajectory based off of one game, but I will take a crack at it. We know Doubs is a quick and shifty receiver with huge YAC ability and gets great separation off of his matchups. Combine this with the trust Rodgers is building with him, and it is a concoction for big numbers down the road. I believe Rodgers will quickly realize the gift he has in Doubs and try to take full advantage of it in the short and medium passing game. If Doubs gets more slot snaps, there is even greater potential as I believe his skill set would be most utilized there. With players like Watkins and Cobb to mentor him, the ceiling for this rookie is near the stars.

Now it is only Week 4 heading into the New England game, but I am ready to say that Romeo Doubs will be the Packers 1000+ yard receiver this year. He’s humble, has a great work ethic, and has the numbers to show for his talent now. Heading into the future I see nothing except greatness for this young buck of a wide receiver.
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