Reviewing and Grading the Third Quarter of the Packers Season

The third quarter of the Green Bay Packers 2022 campaign is officially in the books. This story will cover from the Dallas game through the recent Chicago game. Check out my story for the second quarter of the Packers season if you’re looking for anything prior to these games. Without further ado let’s get into the last four games. 

The Good: 
Where else to start then the breakout from the Packers second round rookie receiver Christian Watson? Watsons breakout has perfectly lined up with the third quarter of the Packers season. Week 10 vs Dallas Watson went off for 4 catches and 107 yards and 3 touchdowns. From that moment on everyone saw what a healthy Watson can do for a struggling Packers offense. This offense has sorely missed a field stretching threat and with Watson able to bring this ability, the Packers offense has had a resurgence the last four weeks. Since this opening breakout Watson has gone 4-48-2, 4-110-1, 3-48-1. These numbers are those of a rookie game changer and in the final quarter of the season look for Watson to continue to power this offense’s passing game. 

Another good moment for this team is in the third quarter of this season the Packers managed to win two legacy games. The Packers managed to beat their former longtime coach and rival team the Dallas Cowboys, as well as beat the Chicago Bears to take the lead in the all time NFL wins for a franchise. Both of these games ended as thrillers. In reality all four games this quarter, Dallas, Tennessee, Philadelphia and Chicago were all fun, exciting games to watch even if the Packers ended up going 2-2. This quarter of the season has been far better for this team than the second quarter.

There is one other good thing we saw this quarter of the season. Against the Eagles in week 12 Aaron Rodgers suffered a chest injury which eventually forced him out of the game. In came backup QB and former first round pick Jordan Love. While Love only played 9 dropbacks against the formidable Eagles defense, he looked elite while doing so. Love ended up going 6-9 for 113 yards and a score, led by a massive catch and run for Christiasn Watson. Compared to the previous snaps we’ve seen from Love, he looked poised and calm in the pocket. His decision making was on point and passes were accurate. While Aaron Rodgers remains QB one for the Packers, Love showed flashes of both why he was a first round pick, but also instilled confidence in the fanbase that moving onto Love as QB one may not be a major disaster like some thought it would be. 

The Bad
The bad is quite simple for the team. There is a tiny chance at the playoffs at this point. It will be nearly impossible for the Packers to make a WC spot at this point so while the team is technically fighting for its playoff lives, in reality they are simply fighting to show something on tape for what will hopefully be a very different season next year. Another bad thing is one I’m not even sure needs to be brought up. Joe Barry’s defense. Every single person on the planet has seen how horrific it has been, from horrible coverage, weeks late adjustments to fix problems, poor tackling and players simply not giving it their all. Every single one of these, including tackling, can be traced back to Barry. He has failed to inspire confidence in this defense and has put them in some very horrible positions. A defense that, on paper, is quite possibly the best in the league talent wise, should not be performing this way, even with the injuries that have been sustained. It was inexcusable that Barry wasn’t fired months ago and it’s even more inexcusable that after the team gave up 300 plus rushing yards to the Eagles Barry wasn’t left in Philadelphia. At this rate I have no confidence the team will fire Barry prior to the conclusion of this campaign so very assumedly, Barry not being fired will be a highlight of the ugly for my total season review at the end of the year. 

The Grade: C
Is it bad? Is it good? I guess that depends on your expectations for the team. Following the first half of the season my expectations changed from a playoff push to seeing what we have on the roster already and remaining competitive. The Packers have done both so far. We have seen the Watson breakout the team needed and we have also seen Jordan Love flash. Both of these spell great things for the future of the franchise and have shown that the future may not be entirely bleak with this team. While this has pushed my grade up to a C it is simply not any higher due to the horrible play by the defense and the fact that Joe Barry remains on this Packers staff. 
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