Ranking Top 5 Wins of the Vikings Season Thus Far

With 10 wins in the bag and 14 weeks through the season, it is now safe to say there is a good sample size of games to rank for the Minnesota Vikings. This team’s season has been defined by close games. Nine of their wins have been one-score games, and therefore exhilarating and entertaining to watch.

For each game, there will be a summary and reasoning behind each ranking.

Here are the top 5 games of the Vikings season through week 14:

5. Week 9: Vikings @ Commanders W (20-17)
You like that? In a revenge game, Kirk Cousins returned to Washington to face his former team. Commander fans chanted “you like that” at the quarterback at halftime, but in the end, he would get the last laugh. He did not disappoint the fans of his current team though and led the Vikings on a game winning drive at the end of the fourth quarter. In the grand scheme of things, this was another key road win against a NFC wildcard contender they could possibly see in the future.

4. Week 3: Vikings vs. Lions W (28-24)
Losing to the Detroit Lions is something that is laughable to Vikings fans. Nonetheless the Vikings found themselves down 14 on two different occasions against the Lions. During the offseason Detroit had gotten a lot of media attention being featured in Hard Knocks. This ember was put out by the Vikings in Week 3 as Kirk Cousins led the team to a comeback against a win against a division opponent. This was the first indication the Vikings had some magical powers in the 4th quarter this season. A too-close-for-comfort win, but Vikings fans will take it.

3. Week 12: Vikings vs. Patriots W (33-26)
Nothing beats Thanksgiving football. The Vikings had a primetime matchup and Kirk Cousins showed up. It wasn’t pretty, but the Vikings managed to score 33 points against a Bill Belichick Patriots’ team on a short week. It was a close and entertaining game with special team anomalies like a kick return for Minnesota. With this win, the Vikings bounced back after an embarrassing home defeat against the Dallas Cowboys.

2. Week 1: Vikings vs. Packers W (23-7)
This game set the tone for the season. As the Vikings defeated their biggest rival at home, it was just a glimpse of what was to come this season. This win is the only win of the Vikings that has been by more than one score. The defense limited Aaron Rodgers’ offense to 7 points in a dominating performance. Nothing beats a division win against the Packers therefore, it is currently the second-best game of the year.

1. Week 10: Vikings @ Bills W (33-30 OT)
The catch. The fumble recovery touchdown. The interception in the endzone in overtime to seal it all. The comeback.

Unquestionably, this is the Vikings best game through week 14. This 17-point come from behind win in Buffalo had the entire nation talking. Not only did it legitimize the seriousness of the Vikings on the season, but it also showed everyone that Justin Jefferson is a once in a generation talent to the game of football. The roller coaster of emotions from this game were drastic and that is just another reason why this has been the best game so far.

Vikings fans hope that there will be more great games and possibly one in the playoffs that could top the list.
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