Ranking the Top 3 Quarterbacks that can Replace Jared Goff

With Jared Goff being 28 (turning 29 in October) it only seems fitting to start looking at the future when it comes to the Lions QB room. Yes Jared Goff is just now getting to his prime, however, the question remains: Can Jared Goff do what he did a season ago consistently for the next 5, even 3, years?

It is definitely concerning when looking at Goff’s career. Time has shown that he can either be very good for a few seasons or very bad for a few seasons. If this is how things are gonna continue to play out, you definitely gotta consider your options for the future. Here are my top 3. Now of course all of this is assuming Dan Campbell stays around for 5 years, which in the NFL, is hard to come by.

Caleb Williams, USC
Obvious pick here. I mean when looking at it, it is almost a given that Caleb Williams will add an aspect to the Lions offense that they have never had–mobility. The NFL is slowly, but surely, transitioning into a mobile quarterback type of league. I mean, it showed in the Super Bowl. Jalen Hurts, all by himself, dominated an elite Chiefs pass rush. If you look at past years, most quarterbacks that have made big money on contracts are scrambling QB’s. Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and soon to be Lamar Jackson are all primary examples of this. If any of those players are a sign of what the league is gonna look eventually look like, the Lions absolutely need to find a way to adapt to it, and I feel that Caleb Williams being so elite at scrambling, and passing the ball, would be an amazing addition to the Lions future plans.

Arch Manning, Texas
Although Arch Manning is nowhere near being a scrambling QB, he is very much a destined elite passer. Having Peyton, and Eli, Manning right next to your side whenever you need them definitely helps your ability to throw a football. That’s one thing the Lions haven’t had since Matthew Stafford. When Stafford was healthy, shoot, even when he was unhealthy, he could easily be the biggest game changer around. I feel like Manning could definitely be that next person coming out of Texas.

Bryce Young, Alabama
Now this take is an absolute longshot, however, it also isn’t. The Lions have the 6th pick in this year’s draft and if Bryce Young falls to their pick, the Lions absolutely have to take him. There is no question the effect Bryce Young would have in that Lions offense. With how good he is as a passer the Lions could easily be a contender in the next year or so with him. As long as Dan Campbell and the staff develop him correctly, Bryce Young would be unstoppable on this Lions team. If the Lions added Bryce Young to their roster it would open up their playbook astronomically with RPO’s and read options plays. Teams, I feel, wouldn’t be able to stop it. I feel like Bryce Young would easily make the Lions an immediate Super Bowl contender, especially with that young offense the Lions have.
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The Real Rizzler
The Real Rizzler
9 months ago

Hello Rhylee! This was really rizzlin good!

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