Postgame Reactions: Packers vs. Saints

The Packers, coming off a 28-21 defeat in San Francisco, looked to win their first preseason game since 2019, and they did just that. Like last week, the Packers started the first half off with Jordan Love, and he looked A LOT better than last week. I emphasize this a lot because he played a lot smarter than he did in San Fran, and he was a lot more accurate. The statline isn’t something that’ll wow people, with him going 12/24 with 113 yards and a touchdown pass, but he had arguably one of the better games in his rocky career so far. The highlight of the game for Jordan Love was definitely the back shoulder pass to romeo doubs for a highlight reel play. The way he threw it while under pressure reminds me of the connection that Rodgers and Adams used to have. He also made an insane throw cross body while on the run that was insane to watch. Jordan Love had an overall pretty solid game and is starting to show more flashes of a starting caliber quarterback.Danny Etling got things started in the second half, and there wasn’t much to say besides the 51 yard TD he got on a read option. The jets on this dude were insane, once he was off to the races, no one could catch him.

Wide Receivers
Packers fans were left with questions on who would step up and take the reins of the WR1 spot, and it’s clear that Romeo Doubs is up to the challenge. He was open the whole night, and even caught a spectacular touchdown back shoulder in the endzone. One thing he is going to need to get down though is his catching ability, he had multiple catchable balls he plainly dropped. Packers fans shouldn’t worry though, as a familiar name had the same issue his rookie year, Davante Adams. Juwaan Winfree also was busy, racking up 41 yards on 3 receptions. Juwaan was a practice squad guy last year and also played a little bit in the Cardinals game where he had a couple receptions. He’s a solid receiver and I expect him to make the 53 man roster. I am hoping to see a little bit more of Amari Rodgers, who was buzzing during the offseason, but has yet to produce this preseason. Look for him to make a jump next week when the Packers play the Chiefs.

Defense was LOCKDOWN.
After making big time mistakes last week in San Fran, the Packers defense looked to bounceback, and they did just that. The Packers Secondary was locked down, with both Kiondre Thomas and Shemar Jean-Charles having field days, not allowing a single completion on them. Micah Abernathy was also very present in the secondary, getting a toe tap pick and a pass deflection late in the game. Kingsley Enagbare, who I mentioned last week, continues to show why he should be the next guy in line at edge. This guy the whole night was keeping the quarterbacks on their toes. In one play Kingsley simply embarrassed this guy with this matrix-like move. Packers fans should not worry about the depth at that position for a long time. Overall the defense had a great game today.

Final Thoughts
After today’s game, I am expecting Jordan Love to step up and continue to add on to the performances like he has had today. He can be an elite level quarterback, he needs to be consistent, and consistency is what’s going to hurt him if he can’t get it together. Romeo Doubs is a stud and is going to be a stud as the season goes on and he gets more and more reps. And this defense is proving why it’s the best defense in the NFL.
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