Outlook on the Chicago Bears Offensive Line

The 2022 Chicago Bears are viewed to have one of the league’s worst offensive lines. In this article, I am going to be presenting the insider’s look into how the offensive line is holding up in camp and what the outlook is for this unit. Let’s get started.

To start off, the signings of Riley Rieff and Michael Schoefield are definitely going to help this team out. At this point, I would put our starting offensive line as follows. LT: Riley Rieff. LG: Cody Whitehair. C: Doug Kramer. RG: Michael Schoefield. RT: Larry Borom.

The center position is odd at the moment because the Bears new center Lucas Patrick got injured with a broken finger at practice a few weeks ago. The back-up center position is truly a toss up between Sam Mustipher and Doug Kramer, but I truly like the prospect of having the rookie play there depending on how he looks in camp.

Teven Jenkins is also in a weird position because of his potential trade status. The former second round pick tackle has been off of practice for a while, just getting back on the field a few days ago. His name is being floated in trade talks at the current time and he may be on the move soon, but he is also in contention for a starting offensive tackle position.

With all of this being said, I think that we could have anywhere from a below average to average offensive line by the time the season comes around. Injuries have a big effect on that, but that could be said for every team. Only time will tell what this team will look like by the end of preseason, but we can hope for the best with our rookies and free agent signings since this team has had a lot of turnover.

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