One Success the Packers had in Their Loss Against The Vikings

The Week One matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings was very anticlimactic for Packers fans. Following the hype surrounding the Green Bay over the offseason, the 16 point loss against their divisional rival was gut wrenching. It’s obvious that there’s a lot of things that the Packers need to fix, including developing their wide receivers and for the secondary to improve.

However, there was one thing that positively stuck out to me, and that was that the running back duo with AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones was great this game. AJ Dillon had a great game putting in work both rushing and pass catching, with 46 rushing yards, and 48 receiving yards, and to put the cherry on top, a rushing touchdown.

Aaron Jones also had a good game with 49 rushing yards and 27 receiving yards. The Packers leading receiver was AJ Dillon, and the only receiver close to him was Romeo Doubs, with 37 yards.

This says a lot about how successful the Packers were with how they used the running backs in this game. It seemed that whenever the Packers fed either AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones, they were very successful, and it was the only bright spot of the Packers offense.

Whenever they moved away from the running back tandem and tried to spread the ball out to anyone else, it failed miserably. It’s obvious the Packers will continuously rely on the running backs to get it done, and I expect that the Packers are going to try and orient the running backs into the offense even more than they already have.

Don’t be surprised Packers fans, if the leader in receiving yards is either Aaron Jones or AJ Dillon.
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