Offensive Players That Need To Step Up in 2023

The Green Bay Packers offense really struggled at times this season. They weren’t as dominant like they have been in the past. They really couldn’t figure out how to replace Davante Adams’ production. This is something they will really need to figure out this offseason. While additions will be made this offseason, there are certain players that will really need to step up in 2023.

Jordan Love
We have no idea if Aaron Rodgers is coming back to Green Bay. It has been a mystery the past three offseasons and once again, we will have to wait and see. The rumors have been flying around about teams like the New York Jets and the Las Vegas Raiders wanting to trade for Rodgers. They talk about being willing to go all in and give up draft picks for him. If a trade does happen, Jordan Love will be Green Bay’s starting quarterback in 2023. Love has shown ability when he has played in the preseason. He also came in for an injured Rodgers against the Philadelphia Eagles this season and was almost able to bring them back and win the game. He has a ton of talent and looks like he might have a chance to show what he could be as a starting quarterback in the NFL. We haven’t seen much from Love, but he will have big shoes to fill if Rodgers does end up leaving Green Bay.

Christian Watson
Christian Watson this season got off to a very slow start. He was dropping passes and was beginning to get less playing time. Out of nowhere against the Dallas Cowboys, he has a career game, scoring three touchdowns. He went on to have a great season the rest of the way. Out of all the players, Watson will probably need to step up the most. It looks like Allen Lazard is leaving and if Rodgers doesn’t come back, it’s hard to imagine Randall Cobb returning. That leaves Watson as the number one wide receiver and he will be the leader of a very young receiving core. Unless Green Bay signs or trades for a receiver, Watson will be the number one guy for the Packers. They will need him to become more consistent and reliable, especially if Jordan Love ends up as the quarterback for Green Bay. It’s always nice for a young quarterback to have a reliable guy like that.

Elgton Jenkins and David Bakhtiari
The reason I put these two together is both struggled to stay on the field this season. Both were coming off big knee injuries and couldn’t find a way to stay healthy in 2022. If Green Bay wants to be successful on offense, they desperately need these two to be healthy and playing at full strength. When these two are playing consistently, they are two of the best offensive lineman in the NFL.

Green Bay’s offense could look a lot different in 2023. Rodgers may not be the quarterback and we could have a very young offense as well. It will be interesting to see what the Packers do this offseason, but before any of that can happen, we once again have to wait and see what Aaron Rodgers wants to do.
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