Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson Set to Return With the Lions

The 2022 NFL season for the Detroit Lions may have been the most promising and productive season they have had in a lengthy period of time. Most of this is due to the Lions first year offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, and his modern style of an offensive scheme.

Ben Johnson’s perfect understanding of how to work his complex backfield within his one two punch of D’Andre Swift and Jamall Williams is really where people saw his expertise and high level of knowledge within the NFL. Also being able to lead the Lions to a 9-8 season with Jared Goff as his starting quarterback. This is not meant to discredit Goff’s talents at any regards but his NFL resume doesn’t exactly out him to be the best quarterback. Under the Ben Johnson regime Goff threw for more yards than Josh Allen, threw more touchdowns than Justin Herbert, had five less interceptions than Patrick Mahomes, and had a higher passer rating than Josh Allen. Now to think if you had told anyone these statistics at the start of the season you’d be outcast and immited to an insane asylum.

Jamall Williams ran for a career high in yards with 1,066 yards and tore down Barry Sanders’ record of most rushing touchdowns by a Lion in a single season with an outstanding 17 touchdowns! This has a lot to do with how Ben Johnson schemes his offense, and manages to find the perfect equilibrium of a pass run offense. Johnson manages to put the Lions in multiple unique formations throughout the game and has an old school way of doing so.

Detroit Lion fans are truly thankful for the time and commitment Ben Johnson has put into this team. Although it is only his first year as the organization’s offensive coordinator, his relentless pursuit to make this team better each and every single day is what Lions fans are so thankful for. After the season ended on a win but a failure to achieve a playoff appearance Ben Johnson turned down any questions on what his future in Detroit holds. This is why when reports had come out that Ben Johnson was in high contention of leaving the Lions and filling a vacant head coaching position in other organizations fans became worried. Ben Johnson has already interviewed with the Houston Texans, and Indianapolis Colts. He reportedly had an interview scheduled with the Carolina Panthers and was considered in high contention for this position. It was almost without doubt that Ben Johnson was not going to be returning to Detroit for the 2023 season.

Surprisingly Ben Johnson has made many accounts to the fact that he is expecting to return to Detroit for the 2023 season. During many of these meetings, press conferences, and confrontations that have been reported by many sources, he is expected and wants to return to the Lions for the 2023 season. He vocalized the fact that the Lions are on the cusp of greatness and he simply does not want to miss out on an opportunity that is at hand. His early on success as a coach is what also is keeping him in town. Johnson does not want to leave Detroit after a singular season of being the offensive coordinator, he wants to see where things go, and wants to see this through.
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