Now is the Time for Chase Claypool to Step Up

The Bears suffered a crushing 31-10 defeat at the hands of the New York Jets. As if the loss was not painful enough, star players Darnell Mooney and Eddie Jackson suffered potential season-ending injuries. With injuries to such important players, it seems like the Bears’ season is over before it finished, but it also leaves room for players to step up in their absence to prove themselves as valuable assets to the team next year. Enter Chase Claypool: The former Pittsburgh Steeler standout wide receiver whom the Bears traded a second-round pick for earlier in the season. Claypool had a lot of hype coming into Chicago, and now that the Bears require a new go-to wide receiver, Claypool has the opportunity to prove he is worth a second-round pick.

As Justin Fields returns from a shoulder injury he sustained in week eleven; he must have a receiver he can go to instead of running for his life, leading to a higher risk of injury. Unfortunately, Darnell Mooney is out for the season, which opens the door for Claypool to build a strong relationship with Fields. If Fields can have a receiver he can trust to throw a ball up for, it would help him tremendously in his development. Mooney was never really a jump-ball receiver, and nowadays, big physical receivers like Claypool are very useful to a developing quarterback.

It is also in Claypool’s best interest to develop a strong relationship with Fields. GM Ryan Poles has a killer mentality in shaping his roster. If he doesn’t believe that a player is worth the value they’re getting from them, he’ll replace them with someone who can do the same thing but for a lower value. Claypool has a slow start in Chicago, and if he doesn’t pick it up soon, Poles could be looking to get rid of Claypool for someone cheaper. Claypool has all of the assets to become a great wide receiver in this league, and if he can develop a good bond with Fields, he can prove to be a solidified piece on this roster.
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