No Rodgers, No Problem: Packers take down Bears in Chicago

An event as old as time itself. The Green Bay Packers playing football against the Chicago Bears, and coming out on top. Though this year was not like many past games. A new starting QB, new rookies and 2nd year players starting, and above all else, being counted out before the game even started. And yet, the packers prevailed. Let’s look at how they did it.

The Impressive Offense

Jordan Love did not look like a QB making his 2nd ever start in the NFL. He was calm and composed for most of the game, and seemed to have had a veteran presence while in the pocket. 15/27 isn’t the most impressive completions to attempts percentage, but there were a few throws just a little overthrown and a few that were dropped, so in the end not bad. Love threw for 245 yards and 3 touchdowns and looked very comfortable throwing the ball to tight spaces, like his touchdown pass to Romeo Doubs (the second one).

Speaking of Doubs, he put up 4 receptions for 26 yards, 2 of which were touchdowns. Doubs got the role of WR1 this week, and took advantage early on. The Bears seemed more worried about the run than the pass, which allowed for an easy 1st drive touchdown for Love to Doubs, and an impressive “moss” by Romeo for the 2nd touchdown.

Rookie TE Luke Musgrave had 3 for 50, with a 37 yard catch that could’ve been walked in for a TD but Musgrave started back peddling and ultimately lost his footing. A rookie mistake that I’m sure will get cleaned up and learned upon in practice.

The O-line play was good for the most part, running holes were limited at times but it seemed that they kept a clean pocket for Love though for most of the game. And saving the best for last Arron Jones. While only putting up 9 rushes for 41 yards, he made his mark in the receiving game.

A confusing screenplay run by the Packers led to a 51 yard catch and run for Aaron Jones, and a few plays later he punched a run into the endzone to push the Green Bay lead to 17-6. The very next drive, he had a 35 yard catch and run TD reception. Jones was able to finish with 9 carries for 41 yards with a TD and 2 receptions for 86 yards with another TD.

With the Packers looking to get Christian Watson back and AJ Dillion looking to get back on track, this Packers offense can get even better than it was against the Bears.

The Defense

Wow, what a showing by this Green Bay defense. Of the few big plays, nothing felt better than watching the Packers stuff Justin Fields on the QB sneak, which put the momentum all in Green Bay’s favor and led to their offense scoring a touchdown.

The Packers defense had a tough first half, while still only allowing 6 points. The Packers were however coming through in the big moments, like Lukas Van Ness’s sack on Justin Fields on 2nd and goal that then led to a deflection in the endzone by Rasual Douglas to force a FG. The Packers forced a punt to end the defensive half and the offense went down and got in field goal range.

After halftime, it was all Green Bay domination. A massive Davante Wyatt sack, followed up by Wyatt forcing a fumble the next drive which would be recovered by Green Bay, and then the play of the game which was Quay Walker’s first career interception being a pick-6 to put that final nail in the coffin. Overall, an amazing day for the defense, and amazing halftime adjustments to seal the victory.


My first concern was the usage of Aaron Jones in the first half. For a team wanting to win, I would think having your best player not touch the ball whether rushing or receiving in the entire 2nd quarter would be something you’d toss out the window. This needs to change going forward as it did in the 3rd quarter. If the Packers continue to limit Aaron Jones like they have in previous years, this team will never reach its full potential.

Additional comments

Jayden Reed looked solid on both the offensive end and the returner end, he brings a lot to Green Bay. I love Jordan Love and it was funny to see him run Jaylon Johnson over, but I hope he slides next time for his sake. Love played like prime Jordan on 3rd/4th down which is great to see as third down was where the Packers really struggled last year. Love had a perfect pass on the TD lob to Doubs, those 2 are going to be playmakers.

Quay Walker, like we all had already known, is going to be a stud and he really showed out this game. Rookie Carl Brooks had a sack when the game was essentially over, but nonetheless we love to see it. AJ Dillon had a solid game, and there weren’t many holes for him which is something the Packers should look to improve on.
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