Market Shopping: Who Could Shore up Minnesota’s Secondary?

One of the worst-kept secrets of the Minnesota Vikings’ season so far is their less-than-impressive secondary play. Some blame can be pushed onto the play calling and scheme, but, for the most part, the main reason is the talent (or lack thereof). As the trade deadline nears, the Vikings continue to eye possible trade targets. Who are some of these targets, and what can they bring to the team?

Not Greedy to Get Greedy
Greedy Williams, a cornerback on the Cleveland Browns, has been a target for the Vikings reported mostly by CBS Sports. A second round pick in 2019, Williams has been injury prone in his four years in the league so far. Missing all of 2020 with a nerve issue in his shoulder is nothing to scoff at, and neither are the repeated lengthy hamstring injuries sustained in 2019 and this year. Even with this, his only full season was a promising one, with 10 pass breakups and a pair of interceptions. As a 24-year-old, if he can shake off the injury bug, Williams can be a spectacular addition. And, on top of all that potential, it’s widely assumed that it would take, at most, a second-day draft pick. Not a bad pickup if it was to materialize.

Sid on the Move
Another possible buy-low secondary player, Sidney Jones IV has bounced around three teams since getting selected in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. Through his six years of NFL experience, he’s only played one full season, which was last year for the Seattle Seahawks. In that season, he showed promise as a strong run-stopping, tackling cornerback, tallying 66 total tackles. It seems like he’s been relegated to a backup once again, as well as currently dealing with a nagging groin injury. Of all the speculated targets for the Vikings, Jones would definitely take the least to pry away from the surprise-competitor Seahawks, probably only taking a third-day Draft pick or two. A good depth piece that this team desperately needs.

Action Jackson
Of the three options talked about in this piece, Donte Jackson is definitely the highest-end player out of them. Another second round pick, this time in the 2018 NFL Draft taken by the Carolina Panthers. Jackson played every game in his rookie season, and has played at least ¾ of every season he’s been a part of since. His best season was that aforementioned rookie season, showing flashes of strong run and pass defense, racking up 73 total tackles, nine passes defended, four interceptions, and a sack. At 26 years old, it’s still quite possible to recapture that initial performance. I mentioned earlier that it would cost the most to obtain jackson, and I mean it. It could very easily take a second-round pick to grab him, and maybe an extra third-day pick if the Panthers value him as highly as I assume they do.

Thoughts and Opinions
If you would’ve asked me what the Vikings should do a few weeks ago, it would’ve been completely different than it is now. Sitting with a 5-1 record going into week eight, I think this team should go all in and get Donte Jackson or another higher-profile secondary player. This core is in its twilight, and if the front office and ownership wants a championship before they have to fully rebuild, the time is right now. We need more pieces to trade blows with teams like the Buffalo Bills and the Eagles (who already smoked us in week two.) We’re competing, and this may be the last time for a long time that this team will be in the running.
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