Kirk Cousins: Dark Horse MVP?

Kirk Cousins… is he overrated, underrated, or just fairly rated? As the Minnesota Vikings are looking at an explosive season this year, expect Cousins’ to jump up on many experts’ rankings and maybe even your own.

Cousins’ stats last year consisted of 4,221 yards (9th), 33 touchdowns (9th), 7 interceptions (Tied-3rd last), and a QBR of 52.3 (15th). With the introduction of new Vikings HC Kevin O’Connell, Cousins is looking at an increase in stats with the new scheme and ideas that O’Connell can bring to the table. Something every Vikings fan should be excited for is Cousin’s ability to better himself, especially with this new offensive mindset that will allow the Vikings to be a huge force this season.

How Cousins Will Fit into The MVP Race
As most NFL fans know by now, the MVP award is most commonly handed out to quarterbacks giving them a greater advantage over other positions. Cousins ranks, at an average, #15 out of 32 quarterbacks in experts’ rankings. Cousins’ stats have him located around the top 10 already, but why is he not located there on most individual rankings? Many people tend to focus on Cousins’ flaws instead of his strong points and stats. Cousins has constantly proved haters that use the phrase: “Cousins can’t win big games” are wrong. Last season, Cousins led the Vikings offense down the field only to fall short due to false turnovers, missed field goals, etc. If the Vikings can turn things around this year, they will make a strong push for the playoffs and beyond. Cousins will further prove haters wrong as he works with superstar wide receiver Justin Jefferson, solidified top wide receiver Adam Thielen, top 5 running back Dalvin Cook, and more offensive weapons the Vikings have to offer. With a relatively easy schedule, Cousins could light up multiple defenses and show how he can be a top 10 quarterback and this season’s MVP.
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