Kirk Cousins and the Netflix Documentary

It has recently been announced that Kirk Cousins is featured in a documentary with Patrick Mahomes and Marcus Mariota. The documentary, Quarterbacks, will feature on Netflix in partnership with NFL Films, and will release later this summer. Vikings fans are plenty aware of how eventful this season was, making Cousins a perfect perspective into what was a rollercoaster of a season.

The Making of the Documentary
Kirk and the other quarterbacks were mic’d up all season, with exclusive footage taken as well. Kirk Cousins’ journey is sure to be insanely eventful as we’re all familiar with how the season played out. That many one score games, that many game winning drives, Cousins is sure to have quite the story. Of course Kirko Chains is set to make an appearance, making this must-watch television. I personally can’t wait to see the aftermath of the Bills game, something like that has to be an avalanche of content.

The Backlash
When it was announced, people found Kirk Cousins to be a questionable, if not mediocre choice. Twitter was harsh on Cousins, despite his performances this season. People view the results of the games as proof Cousins is an uninteresting quarterback, but teammates have previously vouched for Kirk’s competitiveness and intensity. He’s honestly perfect, and as previously mentioned, the results of those games increase his entertainment value tenfold. Vikings fans, and football fans in general will surely be surprised, if not impressed, with Cousins and this new inside look at his season.

Why Vikings Fans Should Care
An inside look at your team’s season with the production value of Netflix and NFL Films is a unique opportunity that’s usually only seen in HBO’s Hard Knocks series, but rarely do we get a zoned in look at a specific player. Kirk Cousins is an especially controversial player within the Vikings fan community, and this documentary could serve as a newer perspective for those who are on the fence or those that flat out despise the 35 year old. Vikings fans should be more excited than anybody to see their quarterback throw on every chain on the plane after an OT win against the Buffalo Bills.

Final Thoughts
I was excited with the announcement of this documentary, as any NFL fan should. The quarterback position is famously the most complicated and difficult position in the sport. To look at the process throughout the season of some of the NFL’s finest, and Marcus Mariota, is an enticing prospect for fans of the game. Armchair quarterbacks can finally see the pressure on these player’s shoulders, and maybe Cousins will finally get the respect he deserves. At least until his replacement is drafted in the next two drafts, anyway.
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