Justin Fields Takes A Leap Forward in A Week 5 Loss

The Chicago Bears have tallied yet another loss in their 2022 NFL campaign. Although the loss may reflect a poor game, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Despite the result, the Bears were clicking on all aspects against their division rival: The Minnesota Vikings. From better play-calling to new-found aggressiveness, the Bears and their fans have much to look forward to in their upcoming game against The Washington Commanders.

Justin Fields looked poised and confident on the field. He had his best game of the season, going 16-21 with 208 yards and a passing touchdown. He also racked up 47 yards on the ground. In the game’s final drive, Fields looked like he was going to mount a comeback. If it wasn’t for wide receiver Ihmir Smith-Mariette’s fumble, the outcome of the game could have been very different than what it was.

First-year play-caller Luke Getsy looked more comfortable, leading the Bears to the second-most points they have scored in a game this year. A pivotal part of Fields’ development goes through Getsy, so the sooner he gets in rhythm, the better. The run game still remains the backbone of this offense, but Getsy should look to get Fields into some “layup” type pass plays to increase his confidence and spread the field. Week six is the perfect time to get Fields in sync as they face an underwhelming opponent at home.

Eberflus continues to prove more and more every week why he was the right hire for the Bears. Last week, he was criticized for punting on 4th and 2 with only three minutes left in the game. This week, we saw an onside kick early in the second half and a 4th down attempt in Minnesota territory. It seems that Eberflus trusts his team more as the season progresses. If Eberflus can continue to trust his team, it can lead to more victories for this franchise.

The Bears lost, but they showed a lot of improvement. In a rebuilding team, that is all one can hope to see. As the Bears approach week six against the Commanders, they look to take what they learned from this week and execute a much-needed victory.
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