Justin Fields Improves, But Not Enough For A Win In Week 4 Against The Giants

The Chicago Bears have moved their record to 2-2 following a week four loss against the New York Giants. In another game filled with poor offensive play and questionable play calls, many questions arise about this Bears team. And although Justin Fields showed improvement after his poor performance in week three, it wasn’t enough. Now, the Bears are heading back to the drawing board, trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Following his lackluster performance in week three, Justin Fields showed growth in his game against the Giants. Even though his stats don’t pop out on the stat sheet, he didn’t throw an interception; the first week he has done so. However, the Bears still need Fields to perform at a higher level. The Bear’s offense doesn’t make it any easier on him, as his offensive line and receivers proved unreliable. Foul offensive play aside, Fields is due for a breakout game, and hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later.

One significant factor that is halting Fields’ breakout is offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. Getsy’s offense ranked number 30 in the NFL, only ahead of the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons. His play calling has been frustrating and confusing, along with his distrust in Fields and the offense. Unfortunately for him, he will need to learn how to trust his offense if he ever wants to open up the playbook to more complex and better-resulting plays. The Bears passing attack ranks dead last in both attempts and completions. It seems like offense remains the kryptonite to the Bears. Despite the defense not allowing a touchdown in the second half for the whole season, the Bears still have figured out how to lose in very winnable games. They now lay at 2-2 as they head into Minnesota to take on a division rival in the 3-1 Vikings.

The Bears have many problems they need to fix before they can call themselves a decent football team. If they can get Fields and the offense rolling, the Bears can upset some opposing teams. But as of right now, Getsy looks clueless, Fields isn’t confident, and the offense isn’t up to the standard of an NFL team. This could be a long season for Bears fans, but it will be a learning one.
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