It’s Time to Believe in the Detroit Lions

Lions fans have gone through a lot for the past couple decades. The fanbase has known optimism and letdowns, amazing moments and heartbreaks. Regime after regime filled with high expectations, flashy promises, and ultimately failure to produce. Fans have developed the notion that no matter what promises are made, expect the least out of it because no matter how good it seems, these will always be the same old Lions. It makes sense for a fanbase that has gone through so much pain, so much disappointment to wall off their attachment to the team. Well, Lion’s fans, it’s time to start believing.

It’s time to believe in your team’s general manager Brad Holmes, who has shown time and time again that he’s not afraid to make the right decisions to benefit the team. The 2021 draft class, filled with improving and growing players that you can’t even put in the “bust” category. The 2022 draft class, which has meaningful players that are top end talents of the draft, being pivotal to this spark run that the Lions are on. The free agency classes that brought in vets that not only have been vital to the production of the team, but also to the development and guiding of these young players that have been brought in of late. The Lions have had a history of incompetent GM’s that ruin a roster, but Brad Holmes is one to believe in.

It’s time to believe in the team’s coach, Dan Campbell, who’s been a true leader of men. He’s been a true inspiring leader for the young team that he’s leading, having them truly believe and play like they can beat any team in the league. He’s surrounded himself with a coaching staff that’s built for success, with Ben Johnson being an offensive mastermind, Aaron Glenn improving the young defense every week and Dave Fipp having the special teams ready every week. Though Dan has had his struggles, he’s grown with the team, and most importantly he hasn’t shied away from criticism and is willing to admit when he messes up. He’s given the team a reason to keep fighting and the city a reason to believe that the culture in that locker room is truly changing.

The Lions are a team with a fanbase as loyal as they come, and the organization has given back little reason to keep believing going forward, but this culture is truly changing. From top to bottom, the organization is truly building a winning culture, built for success for the future, even if the team misses out on the playoffs this year. It feels different, but by design. It may be time to accept that these are the brand new Lions.
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